4 Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

    Hello and happy Wednesday! I’ve been feeling so good this week after sticking to a healthy routine post birthday shenanigans and leading up to our trip to Hawaii in April (and the first official day of spring approaching). My goal to start being more mindful about what I eat and how I take care of myself is something that becomes more and more important to me as I get older.

    We usually eat pretty healthy– Matt doesn’t eat meat and I really only eat chicken– so veggies reign supreme in our diets during the week, but there’s a lot of pizza and wine in the mix as well. The difference healthy decisions make on my mind, body, and creativity are so impactful, so I wanted to share with you a few things I have been doing lately that I think truly work to start the day on the right foot and keep me in a mindset to follow through with healthy choices each day.


    1/4 Breakfast first. Obviously, it’s the most important meal of the day, so making sure you take the time to fuel up on fresh produce will make such a difference on your energy level. I usually make egg whites with pepper, sliced avocado and Tapatio. If I’m not in the mood for eggs, this is one of my favorite smoothie recipes below.

    1 banana
    2 kale leaves (remove from stem)
    1 tbsp coconut peanut better
    2 ice cubes
    3/4 cup almond milk
    1/4 cup vanilla protein powder

    2/4 Hot lemon water. This combination is a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin C– and helps maintain your immune system. For me, it helps flush out any toxins and keeps my skin looking healthy. I slice the bottom of the lemon (after washing) and squeeze just a little bit into the hot water and drop in the wedge as well.

    3/4 Daily vitamins. As you may have seen on Instagram stories recently, I started using Care/of vitamins and I am loving them. I definitely face stomach issues from time to time and my energy level has been low. Winter also brings out many skin problems for me, so the vitamins I ended up with are helping with those three problem areas. Since starting my vitamin packs a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed such a difference. I had to share with you in case you’re interested in adding this to your morning routine.

    I had seen articles in both Vogue and Man Repeller, and honestly loved the idea of taking a survey to guide me through the process of knowing what will benefit me on a daily basis. I’ve definitely been the girl in the vitamin aisle at the grocery store scratching my head, because it seems like a good idea, but had no idea how to navigate my way to picking what was best for me. If you haven’t heard of Care/of before, they are a company dedicated to honest ingredients, curated by a board of doctors and nutritionist, to help pinpoint which vitamins and/or supplements you need based on your lifestyle, diet, and goals.

    After you take a short survey, you are recommended a customized vitamin pack. It’s super easy and has helped me feel alive and well again, so hopefully, this helps someone in need! The Care/of team is kindly giving my readers 50% off (2 weeks free) on your first order at Care/of with the code CHESTNUT. 🙂


    4/4 Stretch. I have been taking five minutes every morning to stretch. It gives me a little burst of energy and helps to wake me up and makes my body feel relaxed and ready to go for the day. I’ve noticed that it helps improve my posture as I sit at my desk, and it increases blood flow.

    I hope this helps! I’d love to know– do you enjoy these wellness posts? I share healthy habits each season, but am totally open to diving into healthy routine topics a bit more if you like! Let me know in the comments below.

    Thank you Care/of for collaborating on this feature.

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    • Aly

      I’ve been meaning to give this a try, thank you for putting together a post and a promo code! Officially making the jump now 🙂

      • Oh good! I love them and am so happy to have been introduced to the brand. 🙂

    • Alexandra Donnelly

      Love this post Ashley! I love that it’s getting a little brighter in the mornings now too so I can enjoy a cup of tea in the garden. It’s the little things!

      • Thanks, Alexandra! I know, right… there’s nothing quite like spring mornings and evenings!

    • OK WOW, just did the quiz for the care/of and first off I am obsessed with their website, like who did it? I need to know haha! And to your other point, I was doing apple cider vinegar water with lemon every morning for a little bit and felt great results…but I get lazy hah.

      • I know! It’s so easy to navigate and beautiful! Hope you enjoy using them 🙂

        I am going to try that concoction, sounds good, thank you!!