An Indie Playlist

    Yesterday, I reorganized all of my Spotify playlists and am going to start creating a new playlist each month! Starting with twelve or so songs and will add new songs daily until the following month approaches. I got your back in the music department if you need some inspiring tunes while you work/clean/chill. Also, I thought I would share one of my secrets… Matt has fantastic taste in music and he has quite the coveted playlist here… 53 followers! 🙂

    Music is something I’ve always been passionate about and inspired by and I sometimes I forget how much *pressing play* gives my soul what it needs. It’s such an easy day booster! I also love tuning into Discovery channels to find new favorites. This playlist is more mellow, inspiring me to ease into the heartiest of seasons.

    You can also follow me here if you’d like to stay looped in on all of my music. Happy listening!


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    7 months ago