Getting back into a Healthy Groove

    I’m feeling refreshed from a nice Monday sleep-in, and ready for a detox week full of fresh and healthy food, a good workout every day, and bringing some new content to the blog. I need a little detox post-getaway and a few wine dates last week… I’m not 22 anymore, haha – my body just can’t handle it. As I sip my gigantic cup of coffee and peruse the interweb this morning to start my week, I thought I would share a few links that caught my eye.

    Instagram Situation. I couldn’t agree more with John Mayer’s thoughts about the new Instagram Algorithm. It’s going to be hard to say how I really feel until it’s implemented… but is it already?! What do you guys think about it? I read another article this morning on Tech Crunch, titled “The Death of Instagram for Brands’. Yikes. It saddens me to think of Instagram changing in a drastic way. A friend of mine’s brother was on the founding team back when it launched, so I downloaded it on day one, and it’s been the one app I’ve used consistently for years, and obviously is a huge passion point of mine and creative outlet for Brunch on Chestnut. As someone who loves taking photos, sharing inspiration and following people I look up to, this could totally shift what I love most about it. I’m really hoping it doesn’t. If you haven’t heard, you can read more about what’s happening here.

    The Power of Rituals. As a creature of habit, rituals are my thing, so loved this article from goop. I always like to focus on a certain ritual I will create on a monthly basis. One month, it will be something beauty related, another it will be fitness, etc. Creating a little routine and setting goals for myself help impact my week in a positive and rewarding way.

    Needing to de-stress? Read this article. With Spring finally here, wedding season, fitness goals, work projects piling up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by plans so this read is a nice reminder how to keep balance and live stress-free.

    & last, but not least, I’ve spent the past 30 on this Tumblr pinning my life away to this board of mine.


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    21 March