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    Just give me a closet packed to the brim of lush sweaters and I’m a happy girl. I mentioned here how I’ve been on a mad hunt for unique and interesting pieces to add to the fall rotation and recently bought this bell sleeve beauty. { Insert worshiping hands emoji…} I can’t get enough of bell and trumpet sleeves, I have three new sweaters you’ll see soon that are making me so happy in the mornings as I pick out something warm to wear. These sleeves make quite the statement and receive a fair share of compliments! It can be a little tough sometimes to wear this style to dinner, etc. when reaching is involved…but because this piece is a little thicker, you can roll up the sleeves and enjoy a fuss-free meal–tested and approved!


    Sweater | Free People
    Denim | J Brand
    Shoes | Zara (also obsessed with this and this)
    Black Cami | J Crew (on sale)
    Scarf | Marine Layer
    Bag | Mansur Gavriel


    Yesterday, Matt and I threw on cozy attire and headed over to Nob Hill to see the Marina Layer HQ. We both have been avid shoppers of theirs for years so was so fun to see where the ideas are brought to life. We didn’t leave empty handed – I came home with the herringbone scarf I’m wearing in the photos (yep, wore it out) and the softest white tee, and Matt (of course) went for a fleece hoodie (seriously have the most handsome menswear). Afterward, we headed over to North Beach for our friend’s companies ten year anniversary for a bit, and then had a drink next door in this beautiful alley at a restaurant called Bix.

    I had never been on this street before, I had a heyday with my camera because it was so quaint and charming. It reminded me how wonderful it is to explore different neighborhoods, there’s so much beauty tucked away in San Francisco. It’s easy to create a lifestyle bubble and repeat your favorite spots, but it’s so nice to get out and get lost a bit.

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    26 October

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    • Great purchase!!

    • LGF

      LOVE these posts because it feels representative of what you really wear, shop for, etc.! i think that kind of genuine voice is really missing from a lot of fashion blogs today – don’t ever lose it! it feels like the convos you’d have with a good girlfriend. one random q – the maria jeans you linked to – is that the color you have? and did you fray them yourself?

      • Hi! Thank you SO much for that sweet note, it means so much to hear that. I’m so happy to feel like you can connect on a more personal level on my site, because that’s my goal–to always be honest and myself through all of my work, so thank you!!

        Re: the jeans, thank you for pointing that out, I linked the wrong pair by accident, here they are (and yes, I cut the bottoms myself…I’ve been doing this with a lot of jeans I have since before I rolled them… loving the frayed trend as it makes life so much easier! I cut and then fray a bit, and after washing they look like I bought them that way!

        • LGF

          Awesome! Thanks so much for the quick response. Would love a tutorial or more detail on how you’re deciding where exactly to cut and fray them! I imagine a lot of us have skinny jeans we to fray!

          • Of course!

            Usually I just fold them over right where I want to cut… this depends on if you’ve washed them before. If you haven’t, I would cut them to be just a tiny bit longer than you want them after washing/drying. If you have washed them, I always like to cut them right at my ankle bone. I find that they hit a perfect spot when on the go when you snip them there. Ankle grazers and cropped jeans are so in style now, so you really can’t go wrong!

            I can do a post about this too if you’d like more of a visual? Just in case you’re needing to trim soon– hope this helps! xx

    • That sweater looks like heaven. Love this look! Would totally wear this myself, esp with these cooler temps in DC!

      • I love it, I’m excited to try it with a lingerie-esk lace cami underneath. Gotta go through the spending flow chart. 🙂

    • Adore those bell sleeves and loafers! And saw on Instagram, but that beautiful brick lilac wall is amazing.

      I love getting lost in new streets even if it’s in your city. Having lived in NYC for 8 years, it’s less frequent now, but new stuff is still popping up all the time and there’s nothing I love more than stumbling on a new path. Just went to SF for the first time this past summer, and there are so many distinct neighborhoods to explore!

      • I’ve never been more captivated by a brick wall before, haha. It was so beautiful and with that glowing orange light… this little street was just too cute for words! I myself need to get out and wander a bit more, this post encouraged that habit!

    • Sophie Collins

      Matt looks french!!
      Cute you two xoxo