How to Dress Like the French

    I’ve always loved fresh starts. Whether it be a blank canvas in the form of a new apartment or a Monday morning, I always feel so inspired and clear-minded when I give myself those clean slates. I did a closet refresh this week (as I do every few months), and instantly felt inspired by the self-reinventing that starts now. Today, I’m choosing to be French! Like the Parisians, I believe that basics are the building blocks of a wardrobe and firmly stand by the mantra, less is more. I will wear flats over heels any day, and I hate getting ready. Thus, I align with their effortless/undone attitude when it comes to getting dressed. Oui oui!

    When dressing like the French, there are a few rules to follow. When in doubt, wear black. Less is more. Flats reign supreme. Quality over quantity. 

    I’m already getting excited for spring (like clockwork every single new year right when the ball drops at midnight), and am starting to map out what I want to invest in as the weather warms up a bit (you can keep an eye on my S/S Closet board as I add pieces I love here). Although it takes awhile for San Francisco, I like to start transitioning accessories (hello my straw babies, I missed you!) and bookmark the other pieces for future purchases.

    I still have yet to meet my *perfect fit” leather jacket. The shape and how it lays needs to be just right and it MUST feel smooth like butter. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way– this is No.01 priority on my shopping list! I came across this one, it seems like the brand gets wonderful reviews… will report back!

    I’m excited to bring back these style roundups a bit more this year. It’s a way for me to share what pieces are inspiring me and what are high up on my wish list. Do you enjoy these posts? What do you want to see more of? Let me know in the comments below, ideas/thoughts are always welcome!

    Bon shopping! (top ph. by Lucy Williams other two via)


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    4 January

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    • Bee

      There’s seriously nothing better than a biker jacket and a white tee paired with a cute, vaguely feminine mini-bag. Love this!


      • I know, it’s so funny– I could be wearing the most beautiful expensive dress, but still would feel so much more comfortable and chic (and myself!) wearing a white tee and perfect leather jacket. The Parisians have it all right! 🙂 x

    • This style is so my jam 90% of the time, recently I have been living in high-er waisted jeans a crew neck black sweater layered chains and slides.

    • I am a sucker for French style, mainly because I love good basics and my idea of getting ready is putting on lipstick and calling it a day. #messyhairallday

      I still am on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket too, so many are too big on my 5’3 (on a good day) frame. If you find a good one, please share!!

      • Exactly. I’m the same but with a brush of mascara. I have been so shameless about my messy hair, too, but hey it works! I will keep you posted on jackets, going to research!

    • LGF

      Love these posts Ashley – keep ’em coming. This kind of “what I’m crAving/shopping for” content keeps me coming back to your blog – it’s very genuine versus purely aspirational/compensated posts by other blogs that makes me sad. I end up buying a lot of what you’re looking at!

      • Thanks so much! That makes me happy to hear. I used to be a stylist back in the day and absolutely loved helping clients find pieces they love, so this is a nice way to keep that going. I love good finds!

    • Ty

      Happy New year Ashley! I love all of your style posts whether it’s mood boards or your own outfit shots! I think your personal style is what makes you stand out from the crowd so I say more of this stuff!

      • Happy new year, Ty! Thanks lady, you’re so kind and supportive and I appreciate your feedback so much. I will definitely keep up the style roundups and outfit posts. Actually working on getting a photographer to help me a bit so they are more frequent! Hope you’re having a wonderful first week of the year. 🙂

    • Alexis

      I’m feeling the same way! Please let us know when you find that “it” leather jacket. Happy New Year!

      • I will! 🙂 Happy new year, hope to see you soon!

    • Happy New Year! I love the theme of this post and am happy you will be doing more style roundups during coming weeks.

      • Hi Ash! Happy new year to you as well! Thanks for saying hello, many more style/trend roundups to come. 🙂 xx

    • Stephanie

      Super chic!


    • Annie Dunn

      All Saints has the best leather jackets in my opinion, smooth like butter! I actually like them better than designer ones I’ve tried on just for that reason – mine is absolutely my go to. You should check them out!

      • Ah, you are amazing, thank you! Such good options, my gosh!