Celebrating Summer Solstice

    Ice cream bars, twinkle lights, and a ladies night catch up…

    In collaboration with Häagen-Dazs x Walgreens.

    Sometimes San Francisco misses the memo that it’s summer (and same goes for all seasons for that matter), but so far this year we’ve been lucky. There’s seriously nothing like a hot day in the city. Everyone is outside, everywhere is loud and lively, all is well in our 7×7 bubble.

    Tuesday was such a good day. I woke up to a clean apartment, went on a really long walk with Scout, and I stepped outside my comfort zone for a few hours. Honestly, it’s something I need to work on a bit more, it felt so good. Scout and I drove to a studio down in South Bay to shoot for a holiday catalog….but more on that later!

    When we got back, the early evening was unfolding beautifully so I decided to meet some friends to celebrate summer solstice/a successful day. My girlfriend Meredith has the most charming backyard so we always love weeknight meet-ups there. I brought wine and my absolute favorite dessert– Häagen-Dazs® Milk Chocolate Almond Bars. They’ve been a weakness of mine forever! It was an ideal evening to grab a box from Walgreens on my way over to keep us cool in the backyard. If you’re a chocolate lover and a fan of crunch (read: roasted almonds and crackle chocolate) this is a must warm weather treat.

    When Häagen-Dazs reached out to work together, I jumped at the chance because they’ve been a favorite of mine since I was little. They aren’t dubbed world’s best ice cream for nothin’. I’m usually a stick-to-what-I-know kind of girl with desserts, but my eyes led me straight to the good stuff while grabbing the classic almond bars. I ended up buying two other boxes for ladies night: Coconut caramel and vanilla cookie. You guys, they are seriously addicting, so rich and delicious! I think coconut and caramel may be my new favorite…a combination I can’t believe I’ve never tried before!

    Safe to say the day ended just as lovely as it started. We sat outside with music playing, under the twinkle lights, catching up over ice cream and wine… this scene literally screamed summer and I loved every second. Summer is all about little celebrations like this; whether it’s something big like a best friend getting engaged (which btw, as of last weekend, my girlfriend I recently mentioned who moved back down to LA has a fiancé now!) or celebrating the longest day of the year….Summer is a perfect season to find reasons to treat yourself and there’s no better way than with these tasty ice cream bars.

    Happy first week of summer– have a beautiful weekend and go get yourself some Häagen-Dazs!

    PS. For a chance to win a bunch of goodies, including a gift certificate, Swell bottle, and Anthropologie Ice Cream bowls, check out the #HDMoment Sweepstakes! Right now, Walgreens is running a BOGO deal that runs from July 2nd- July 8th. xx

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