Notes on The Power of Now

    In 2012 I lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 months. After spending two years in San Francisco at that point, I decided I wanted a little change of scenery and needed a little life refresh. My best friend and her boyfriend live there and I worked from home at the time, so it was an ideal opportunity that I decided to take. I sold all of my furniture, some clothes, and packed 2 big suitcases and took a verrry long flight to OZ.  I was so excited and had never been – it was quite the adventurous move for me to say the least! Sydney was such a treat and was just what I needed. It was a little slice of heaven. I was able to tick off “live in a different country” off my bucket list, had my best friend by my side, and enjoyed lots and lots of sun.

    The funny part about this story is that I was expecting the move to change my life, and that’s just what happened – however it wasn’t Australia, it was a book I read while I was there. One afternoon I decided to lay by the pool at lunch and grabbed reading material from my roommate’s shelf in the living room to keep me entertained. There was lots of laying out on my stay so I became a master of packing a pool/beach bag! The book  The Power of  Now caught my eye. The message in this book completely captivated me and I ended up finishing in 2 days. It was pretty relatable – everything I wanted to clear my mind and ease off my shoulders was all lifted after reading Eckhard Tolle’s book. I felt so relieved and refreshed.

    As a twenty-something, we go through little ruts here and there and sometimes don’t even realize we’re living in them when we are. I must admit, I am usually very in-tune with my emotions and thought process but we all lose track sometimes amidst these phases. This book shed such a unique light that helped me to understand myself even more. Eckhard talks a lot about meditation, like focusing on the tingling feeling in your hands and feet when you are feeling stressed, and it changed me and taught me to not let things from the past and future hold me back from just enjoying the present. To take deep breaths when feeling overwhelmed, to take my time on things and not rush, and to remember that life is too short to be taken too seriously. It was and still is such an important message to me that I think about every single day. It helped me grow when I needed to, and I  became more calm and understanding.

    I don’t want to share too much about the book because you should read it yourself. It’s gold.
    I wanted to share this story because I think it’s important to try and be as present minded as possible and to
    have control over your thoughts.  Life is so much more enjoyable when you have a laid back, easy attitude.

    If you’re interested in the idea of meditation – I came across this article last night as well – super interesting.

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    Written by:
    23 July