The Prettiest Garnishes for Summer Cocktails

    If there’s a time of year I like to pretend I’m a mixologist, it’s summer. When the temps are toasty and it’s too hot for red at a Saturday shindig, I favor a refreshing and subtly sweet cocktail. I have been playing around with a few new sips to share at a girls night next week and found a handful of recipes that sound so tasty. I had a heyday experimenting this past weekend and topped them off with the prettiest garnishes. Here are my highlights below!

    Watermelon Wedge

    My personal favorite, inspired by my friends at 21st Amendment, who top their watermelon beer with a hearty chunk. The classiest way you can drink a can of beer if you ask me. I decided to throw one on this delicious recipe, and if we’re playing favorites in this post, this is mine.

    A few recipes to try
    watermelon sangria
    watermelon piña colada
    watermelon elderflower
    watermelon rosé margs

    This one is for Matt and like-minded people out there who love their whiskey. Well, also for me because I’m obsessed with our new decanter and think that lavender is such a gorgeous garnish, so we both win. If you’re having guests over who prefer this route with drinks, pull out your pretty crystal (look how gorgeous it looks drenched in sunlight), a few dried lavender pieces and viola…cutest host award goes to you–you fancy!

    This one is obvious (and kinda *basic*) but what the hell… at this point in my life, I’d put an edible flower on anything–sue me. So many color schemes to play with, too. Simple beauty 101.


    This was new for me, but I picked these up the other day for a cheese spread and the insides were SO gorgeous. I’m a sucker for peachy pink and green, so I thought, why not put them on the rim of a gin and tonic cocktail?! 

    A few recipes to try
    Fig & Honey
    Endless Summer Gin + Tonic
    Saint Germain Gin + Tonic
    Fig Cooler

    more garnish ideas

    prickly pear
    I’m also not above umbrellas…


    What’s your favorite summer cocktail?


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    7 months ago