Weekend Notes

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We spent hours cleaning and decluttering our apartment on Friday night, it was much needed, started The Night Of on HBO (omg have you guys seen this yet…. intense), went to the A’s game Saturday, and ran some errands Sunday (including Pet Co. to tackle our puppy supply list, ah).

    Rested, refreshed, CLEAN, and ready for a new week. There’s something about kicking off Monday with a few bookmarked good reads to get those creative and inspired juices flowing, so I rounded up a handful of articles I’ve loved lately and a few updates –

    Good reads…

    The best podcast to listen to now, according to 9 It Girls. (PS. Reformation is opening in San Francisco… OH SHIT.)

    6 signs you’re going to be successful in life. 

    This stunning hotel in Seattle is high up on my travel wish list.

    If you own these 9 coffee table books, you won’t need a decorator. 

    A quick way to boost your mood and happiness.

    swoon-worthy midsummer dinner party.

    M.Gemi x Goop collaboration (check out my favorite M.Gemi shoes here and get 40% off at checkout!)

    A horoscope reading for your Monday morning…

    In case you missed it…

    A puppy update…. our pickup date is two weeks from today!

    A Q+A with my lovely friend, Sophie Collins, and a handful of her can’t-miss spots in Vancouver.

    Last week I had my second facial ever (I feel behind in this department) and loved it! Have you heard of Hydrafacials?

    Just bought these jeans and wore them all weekend.

    My good friend Kristen featured me on her site last week, read more here!

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    15 August

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    • omg. so excited for you to get a puppy…and sooo jealous!! Also – super happy you shared the podcast link, I’m always looking for more!

      • NAT I’M DYING. Did you click on the link to that photo? This is a good one too! I wanted the one in the right corner who notices the camera and parks it and tilt its head… but we think that ones a girl and Matt really wants one of the four boys. They are all so darn cute, so will be sure to share lots of photos in two weeks when we pick up! 🙂

        Hope you had a great weekend friend! Can’t wait for About A Girl (you are so good with creative titles….) xx

        • lol it’s so hard to choose! They’re all perfect though, so cute. Please definitely share lots of pics! and snapchats 😀

    • Rachel {Love This Life}

      Eeeee a puppy! I love labradoodles and goldendoodles but I want them to stay 25 pounds forever 🙂 Sounds like a pretty relaxing and perfect weekend!

      • Are they not the cutest? I grew up wanting a golden retriever, but babysat for a family in SF when I first moved to SF 7 years ago and fell in love with their doodle. We’re going to the same breeder and they specialize in mini/small and medium size! Ours is going to be 25 max! I agree, smaller are cuter. 🙂 Thanks for saying hello, love!

    • Lauren Allen

      I saw that article on Rue and am dying to go to that hotel too. It looks so old-school but updated in such a chic way!

      • I know, I wish they had something like this in SF! It’s darling!

    • Meredith May

      LOVE The Night Of…guilty or nah?! My theory is he’s a schizo, blacked out and did it…he’s already lied once about taking drugs that night, so we know he’s capable of lying. Alternatively, she did it herself. Or maybe the crazy stepdad? WHO KNOWS- Season Finale is right around the corner!

      • He really needed to stick to the doe eyed / scared face / baby look. Loved when his lawyer called him out “What is this westside story”… he’s starting to freak me out, so you may be on to something haha.