Brunch on Chestnut

    Ever since I can remember, the feeling of being inspired has always propelled me forward creatively. Through art, fashion, photography, graphic designing, blogging, I’ve been able to express myself since I was little, and that continuous drive to inspire eventually led me here.

    With a background in styling and merchandise marketing, coupled with blogging for many years, it’s been apparent to me that the social/digital space is where I belong! I’ve had several blogs since high school — the first couple I kept to myself or would sometimes share with close friends and family. I’ve always loved dedicating a few hours out of my week to design them, add inspiring visuals, and try and fine-tune my creative writing. I felt a bit odd initially sharing random thoughts, projects, and ideas–no one close to me had blogs back then. After a few blogs that lost their luster, I decided to start fresh and that’s when Brunch on Chestnut was born. So, welcome!

    A little background on the name, and my point of view…
    When I was thinking of a name, I knew I wanted it to have a ring to it, and something that would illustrate a feel-good experience/moment/mindset. I am all about positive vibes/outlooks, creating beauty every day, and have a care for the finer details. After lots of brainstorming came a light bulb moment — Brunch! How amazing is it to wake up leisurely on a weekend, slip into your favorite outfit, and sit sun-drenched with coffee and great company? Inspiring to say the very least.

    I aim to inspire you, to remind you that the details are worth noticing, and to share style through my lens. Through fashion, beauty, interiors, weekend trips, travels, inspiration, and life on the west coast–I hope to bring you inspiration in all forms!

    Again, thank you so so much for following along and for taking the time to read this! Please don’t ever hesitate to shoot me an email to say hello, request a certain post, or reach out with any questions!


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    7 December