White Elephant

    As you may have seen on Instagram, this past weekend we hosted a white elephant party at our apartment. It was the first time we reached maximum capacity in our little place- jam packed and so much fun. Hosting a party is so rewarding, but can also be pretty stressful-I confess. We ran around the whole day prepping for 5pm, and I honestly couldn’t have done it myself. Thanks to a roll call of companies that brought our evening to life, and made our to-do list a whole lot shorter. I teamed up with TaskRabbit, who helped make our apartment sparkly clean, and ran a few errands before we kicked things off.

    First of all, I’ve actually never hired someone to clean my apartment before. I like things done a certain way, and enjoy the therapeutic aspects as well…I’m kinda like a less-OCD version of Monica Gellar. 🙂 We hired Afara for a few hours, and I have to say it was so nice to have her help. With my full time job, the holidays approaching, and devoting my time outside the office to Matt and writing my blog, having another set of hands was weight lifting and inspired me to keep it up. We LOVED her and told her she has a new monthly client. The quality was fantastic, we give her 5 stars and will be coming back for more.

    After our apartment was clean, she ran and picked up our pastry order from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and table linens/coasters from St. Frank Textiles. I loved using all SF local businesses for our event – big supporter of all three, they’re the best. I think it was the perfect touch on our evening. We had beautifully lush flowers delivered from FTD Flowers, which are still looking as beautiful as ever throughout our apartment. We also ordered fresh home-made cookies from my new favorite on-demand cookie delivery service, Doughbies…we weren’t lacking in the sweets department! Overall it was such a fun evening!







    Thank you TaskRabbit for sponsoring this post and helping us set up such a memorable get-together.
    Brands like you make this blog possible!




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    16 December