Wine Night In

    Last week, I hosted a long overdue ladies night at my place. It used to be so much easier to get everyone together, so I was looking forward to this night for quite some time. I’d much rather catch up at home where the wine flows freely and the cozy setting warmly welcomes us all together without a care or reason to rush. Whenever I’m hosting, I just quickly light fifteen candles, open a bunch of red wine and throw some cheese on a board. Keys to success (but what’s new?).

    I discovered Belle Ambiance a few months back and it’s quickly become my go to weekly bottle to open and share. It’s been a total crowd pleaser – the perfect table wine. That evening we opened the full-bodied Dark Red Blend (so delicious, may be my favorite) and the velvety Cabernet Sauvignon. They didn’t last very long…but were very much enjoyed.


    As a lover of wine, I always enjoy learning about new labels, and love how Belle Ambiance is all about life’s collection of moments. I also always appreciate a more realistic price point. Their mission is to be enjoyed and to celebrate the little things in life on a daily basis, so there’s no guilt in opening a bottle regularly.

    brunch-on-chestnut-figue-6 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-7

    For a simple spread, I always pick up a fresh fruit assortment, 2-3 cheeses, crackers, and olives. 

    In other news, Scout survived his first girl’s night and slept like an angel! A lot of gab-ing and the numerous attempts to attack the cheese board really took a toll on this sleepy bear. 🙂

    brunch-on-chestnut-figue-12brunch-on-chestnut-figue-15 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-16 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-18 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-19 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-27 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-36 brunch-on-chestnut-figue-38

    If you see a bottle at your grocery store, be sure to try it and let me know what you think!
    Thank you Belle Ambiance for collaborating on this feature.
    & Thank you for supporting brands who support BoC!

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    29 September