So Much Goodness at Zara Right Now

    That feeling of success when you hunt down a high-street fashion find for the fraction of the cost of something that looks just like a pricy ticket item on the grander wish list. I mean… #winning at its best. This knit striped dress is so cute and easy on the wallet (vs. this Elizabeth & James dress I found and wanted). I have been sifting through Zara quite a bit lately. I personally think their spring/summer collections are the best, so I rounded together a handful of gems below. I am loving all the knit dresses right now, fun accessories (and colorful earrings, who have I become?), white blouses (yes, still on the hunt!), and anything that evokes that fresh new spring feeling we all love to wrap ourselves around…

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! XO

    Embroidered Cut Blouse $49.90

    Tri-Color Pleated Skirt $69.90

    Crossover Dress $49.90

    Teardrop Earrings $19.90

    Striped Strappy Dress $59.90

    Long Two-Toned Dress (navy and white) $49.90

    Long Two-Toned Dress (red and pink) $49.90

    Knit Scallop Top $29.90 (matching bottoms below)

    Knit Scallop Cutlouttes $49.90

    Ribbed Polo Short $45.90

    Black Wicker Bag $45.90

    Dungarees with Ruffle Trim $69.90

    Round Rafia Tote $59.90

    Rafia Crossbody $45.90

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    3 weeks ago

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