Packing, in general, is an art. A beach bag is no different and takes thoughtful planning. I like to think of myself as a minimalist (I tried v hard at least), so narrowed down my beachside necessities to eight items. It’s all about balancing protection and entertainment. Here’s what I won’t be leaving behind this week!

1/8 Janessa Leoné Jade Hat

Jade is my number one beachside must this trip/all spring and summer. I’m convinced that there’s no better hat label than Janessa Leoné. I can’t put into words how much I adore a good straw hat… and she nails it with every single one she whips up. The white one I’m always wearing has been my favorite hat to date– quality, structure, and the way it flatters and goes with everything hooked me quite quickly. Hats are my go-to accessory on a weekly basis, so investing in a few has proved plenty-o-ROI. I decided to add a couple more to my collection for summer. I went with Jade (new favorite) and Lina. Other options perfect for sandy days under the sun? this, this and this.

2/8 Sunnies

I’m pretty easy going with sunglasses. Once I find a pair that I love and that work for me (it’s not easy to find a pair that stays on my nose, without my eyelashes batting against the lens every time I blink), I stick with them. I’m not the type who frequently lose them, and I like a very minimal style. I have two pairs of Céline sunnies and I always go with these ones. They are the best. They stay firm on my face, block the sun, and go with everything.

3/8 Coconut SPF

This stuff is what beach daydreams are made of. I know it’s just sunblock (not belittling its importance), but it smells like HOLIDAY. It’s the best sunblock I’ve ever used… and I quite frankly, cannot lather myself enough in it just because the scent is so addicting. I discovered it last year while we were in LA for a wedding. I grabbed it in the hotel lobby because the bottle was cute, and it’s remained a favorite item in my straw summer bag.

4/8 Coconut SPF Lip Balm

Same as above. I sometimes forget that lips are equally important to coat in SPF… I learned this the hard way last summer sitting lakeside in Tahoe. I always wear this now. 🙂

5/8 A Timeless Caftan

I mentioned recently how I got this beautiful caftan for our trip– I love all of them so it was a tough decision. I don’t frequent the beach, so personally, I wanted to find something of quality and a timelessness about it that could last me forever.

6/8 Sunshine Playlist

We got you covered… you can listen to our new beachside playlist here!

7/8 A Chic but Functional Beach Bag

Never underestimate the power of a straw bag. Trust me. I’m practically hoarding them at this point (some of them now serve as decor in my apartment….haha). Find one that’s big and roomy, deeper options like this one– perfect for a full day beach escape.

8/8 Pouch for inside your Beach Bag

I like to keep one zipper pouch inside my beach bag to hold my jewelry, phone, and Olympus camera, to save them all from sand.


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