A Little Glimpse Into Our Bedroom

    I’m so excited to share a glimpse into our bedroom, and our beautiful new TV! These days I am all for simplicity and pieces that seamlessly fit into our little San Francisco apartment. Functional and beautiful are my two checklist items when investing in pieces to bring home. I learned about The Frame earlier this year when I worked with Samsung and fell in love with the sleek design and all of the design-forward capabilities. The Frame was created by Samsung in collaboration with designer Yves Béhar, to elevate your home and display a choice of framed artwork and/or your own photos when the TV is turned off and in art mode. It’s meant to look like a piece of art when you’re not watching your favorite shows, giving the TV a whole new brilliant use. In the New Year, we plan to have it mounted (The Frame comes with a No-Gap Wall Mount) and styled alongside other framed artwork since the TV has an Invisible Connection cable. It makes me happy that our TV can be the focal point of our decor but in a positive { and stylish } way. I can’t say enough great things!

    One thing we’ve been loving is turning on YouTube to this fire log,  giving our room a warm, cozy, and festive feel for the holidays. Their music app also came in handy to play our holiday playlist while we got ready for guests to come to town this week. Here are a few photos of the bedroom update below! Doesn’t it look so good?

    In addition to mounting the TV, we also plan on ditching the IKEA dresser, adding a few wall sconces, and hanging up a few more pieces of art. More to come in 2018!

    { This photo below is one of the built-in artwork options we love and have been going with. This piece blends in perfectly with our other art. I love their wildlife collection; they have the most stunning and inspiring photography to display! }

    A big thank you to Samsung for Collaborating with me on this post!

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