Brunch on Chestnut is a space of thoughtful topics in style, travel, interior design, beauty, and west coast lifestyle.

Since I was young, I’ve looked for inspiration anywhere and everywhere to fuel me. I started my first blog in high school, had a couple more throughout my teens and early twenties, and then decided to start fresh in 2011 after moving to San Francisco. I felt so inspired by my new lifestyle and wanted to make note of the adventures ahead of me and keep up with my writing and inspiration-seeking. It was a pivotal time in my life where I was learning to navigate living in a big (to me at the time) city. I got to decorate my first apartment, taught myself how to cook, made friends, dated, explored, and nurtured my curiosities along the way by documenting the highlights on the pages of Brunch on Chestnut.

After many years of balancing my 9-5 job and keeping up with BoC, I was able to leave my desk in spring 2016 when I began to see promising growth and momentum. It was a few months in the works and I finally made the leap and I’m so happy that I did! I honestly still can’t believe that this is my job. I would have never believed you if you told me this is what I’d be doing for a living back when I started, let alone just a couple of years leading up to when I decided to go for it.

I want to thank you so much for reading and following along! This past year (2019) has really opened my eyes to how incredibly lucky I am to have such kind and supportive readers. I have never felt more connected to so many people who read BoC each week. This space has shaped up to be such an inspiring community of people who feel like friends! That said, I am always a short email, DM, or comment away if you’d ever like to say hello, have a question, or need some help with anything from style to interior advice. I love helping!

A little More About Me…

I live in San Francisco with my husband, Matt, and our mini labradoodle, Scout. We make frequent trips to wine country, it’s our happy place and has become like a second home to us. We are wine club members at Scribe Winery, Papapietro Perry, Cuvaison, and Alpha Omega. If you like Pinot Noir, you need some Papa in your life!

I love interior design–it has become a huge part of who I am. As a kid, I would move my room around and redecorate on a weekly basis. I thought about that career path for a long time but decided to keep it for myself. I’m endlessly inspired by European architecture and design––someday I hope to live in a { French meets Spanish style } home with spacious high ceilings, french doors, and lots of charm and character. Speaking of French, Paris is my favorite city on the planet.

I’m a Pisces through and through. I collect matchbooks, glassware, design books, and records. I get a thrill from flea market and vintage shop finds. I’m inspired by editorial spreads, beautiful writing, exploring a new place for the first time, and fresh starts. I love my little family and sharing pieces of our life together on BoC.

If you want to know a few more fun facts. Again, thank you for reading my blog… I wouldn’t be here without you. xx