Brunch on Chestnut is a space of thoughtful topics in style, travel, interior design, beauty, and west coast lifestyle.

In early fall of 2009, I packed up a few boxes and moved to San Francisco, not knowing where life would take me. I remember my first week in the city so vividly and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made that move. This city has become such a big part of me and inspired me to click publish on Brunch on Chestnut…

I had several online creative outlets throughout my life; an AOL Homepage in high school, a LiveJournal in college, and a couple of blogs leading up to BoC. I have always loved creating, collecting inspiration, interior styling, taking photos–so being able to document my passions in one place is why Brunch on Chestnut was born.

What started as a giant mood board, has evolved into a creative platform that allows me to share my vision of stylish living with readers from all over the world. The name { Brunch on Chestnut } was ideated to emulate a feel-good moment in everyday life; when you’re in your element and feeling the utmost inspired.

It’s the conversations that come up over brunch with friends; the parts of life we like to share and celebrate with others. I wanted to incorporate San Francisco into the name, so went with one of my favorite streets { Chestnut }.

After a year of acclimating to city life, working in personal styling, and feeling out what inspired me, I stumbled upon a position in the digital space. I was offered a job at a marketing agency that managed content campaigns for brands and lifestyle influencers. It was the infancy of influencer marketing. It was so fascinating (and instrumental to my career) to be apart of both sides of the business. Growing up, I was a bit of a computer nerd and loved creating online, so going digital was an exciting and natural next step.

A few years of juggling my growing passion project and 9-5 job eventually paid off. I left my desk in the corporate world in 2016 when BoC began to see promising growth and momentum.

I feel beyond lucky and grateful to call this little corner of the web my full-time focus. I love sharing my inspirations with you! A very big thank you for reading and following along! I wouldn’t be where I am today without my readers.

A little More About Me…

I live in San Francisco with my fiancé, Matt, and our Australian Labradoodle, Scout. We make frequent trips to wine country, it’s our happy place and has become a second home to us. We are getting married in St. Helena in June 2019! We are wine club members at Scribe Winery, Papapietro Perry, and Alpha Omega. If you like Pinot Noir, you need some Papa in your life!

I’m always rearranging our apartment. I love interior design–it’s been a passion of mine since I was young and would move my room around and redecorate on a weekly basis. Someday I hope to live in a European style home with beautiful high ceilings, french doors, an insane marble fireplace and lots of charm and character.

I’m a Pisces through and through. I get a thrill from flea market finds. I’m inspired by editorial spreads, beautiful writing, exploring a new place for the first time.

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. I collect matchbooks and always bring something for our home back from trips. My favorite place we’ve traveled together so far is Paris. I’ve never been to Italy, though– it’s up next on my list (honeymoon!). If you want to know a few more fun facts

Again, thank you thank you for being here. x