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I will take one of everything, please.

I popped by McGee & Co. recently to browse rugs and ended up bookmarking so many gems. So much inspiration and good ideas came flooding in while scrolling through. Of course, everything but a rug!

One thing that I don’t have included above is this little jar I noticed last minute. I am always asked about my match jars I have sitting throughout our apartment so thought some of you might appreciate this! I bought a couple of mine as they are (from Hudson Grace years ago), but I also made some myself, too with vintage apothecary bottles I’ve found.

You just need to order large matchsticks on Amazon and then put them inside! Here’s one more jar that could work as well. A bunch of goodies and ideas on how to style them below…

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1. Black Belgian Linen Pillow – I want this! The design looks like an “H” and we all know I have prematurely adopted my soon to be last name initial. 2. Cane and Black Wood Cabinet… this thing is gorgeous. 3. Rustic Accent Bench – This reminded me of the two I have and love–so good for styling little vignettes. 4. French Market Tote …always on the hunt for these. 5. Vintage Ceramic Vase –I have been eyeing pieces like this to use for cooking utensils. 6. Woven Canisters – great storage hack for a bathroom, kitchen counter, or office. 7. Acacia Wood Jar – so cute for salt by the oven. 8. Brass Cookbook Stand – I’ve been wanting to get one of these! 9. Alpaca Wool Pillow 10. Cotton Camel Pillow – their pillow selection is next level.

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