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    Consider this a love letter to Amber Interiors…

    One thing you probably notice about me is my home and closet are always an on-going project. It’s one of the reasons why this blog was made. I’ve always been this way and am perpetually inspired by creating anew. I’m passionate about moving things around and watching that magical transition. I am currently re-working our living room – it’s the one room which was built around older furniture pieces and decor from when I lived in my last apartment without Matt. We were able to start fresh on our bedroom and dining room, so now that our place feels nested, I am going back to square 1. Matt is beyond thrilled, haha.

    I am in love with Amber, I’ve been following her for years now, and bits of her decor style are slowly making their presence in our space. I adore vintage rugs (as I’m sure you know), and I think the way she brings modern, elegance, clean lines, and a rustic flare to the table, is what attracts me to her design. I am so excited to start sharing the progress of our living room revamp, so thought I would show you a few images that are a part of my inspiration process.

    A couple new posts coming soon on my goals, rug decision (one of the most important building blocks of a room), a new couch, and more. I’m excited! Happy weekend! xx











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    Such a chic house, I love everything about it. The colors, the natural elements. Love!

    I want to live there! It’s so gorgeous and refreshing!

    this is really fun! I love design that has juxtaposes things you wouldn’t expect together!

    Me too! It’s just so unique and works wonders. I hope I can execute like Amber on this living room project! Happy Monday, friend! xx

    I love this style too – clean and modern but with bits of color and texture. I recently moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and we are slowly getting the decor worked out. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

    It’s a fun project co-habitating! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by lady, I hope you had a lovely weekend! xx

    I can’t get enough of Amber and this house that she decorated!

    It’s ridiculous! I would be so happy just hanging at home allll the time if I lived there. I used to have a black accent wall years ago behind my gray headboard, and this is inspiring me to do it again. 🙂

    Yeah! Can’t wait too see. So happy I found your blog!

    You’re so sweet – thank you, that made my day! Happy Friday, friend! xx