The Apartment by The Line: East Hampton

    I’m sure you’ve seen photos peppered into all of your social media channels of The Apartment by The Line, and I can’t help but join in on the lovefest. If you have yet to hear about this stunning pop-up shop, you’re about to join the stylish cult following. They just launched their newest addition in East Hampton, joining their other coveted locations; New York and Los Angeles. If you are nearby or visiting, I highly suggest you grab a coffee and take a peek, because the boundless home inspo and 100% shoppable apartment is waiting…


    To say the least, I WANT everything! Every inch of this place – the exposed beams and airy charm to call out a few swoon-worth details – is Instagram-able. I’m completely smitten with the neutral foundation, the subtle pops of pastel, the decadent black accents, vintage rugs, and impeccably styled decor pieces that bring the walls and countertops to life.

    The Style


    A little background: The Line is a modern and personal approach to retail. Guided by a distinctive point of view that prizes craftsmanship, versatility, and ease, they bring together carefully chosen products from established and emerging designers. These fashion, home, and beauty items are placed in context through the inspiring editorial features of The Stories and the intimate domestic interiors of The Apartments: our immersive stores in New York and Los Angeles.


    How could one possibly just pop in and leave empty handed? If you happen to make your way to this new location, let me know how it is! What an inspiring and gorgeous space. // The Line — Amagansett, 154 Main Street, Amagansett, New York

    Photos via The Line

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    7 June

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    • Kristen Nichols

      I’m dying to go here this summer!

    • Karen Blank

      Such beautiful stuff! As a NY’er and regular Hamptons visitor I just want to clarify, East Hampton (no S) and Amagansett are two different towns… Unless I’m missing something and they are calling a new line of products “East Hamptons” I recommend dropping the S from your above references or update it to Amagansett where the store is located 🙂

      • Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve only been to the Hamptons once, so am used to that “s” in there. I was just going off an article when mentioning East Hampton… they are super close, I’m sure most people recognize East Hampton before Amagansett, so we’re good. Thanks!

        • Karen Blank

          Makes sense – figured you’d like to know. Amagansett and East Hampton are the best – you should visit again sometime. I recommend September after all the crazy crowds die down but the summer warmth is still there. Big fan of your blog. Happy Summer!

          • Yes, well thank you again for clarifying. I had the best time when I visited a few summers ago so have been dying to go back. You’re lucky it’s so close – sounds like you visit quite a bit! Thanks again for the sweet comment, happy summer to you as well 🙂

    • wow! Gorgeous space. Those pink chairs!!!

    • OMG, it’s so good. The pink chairs are amazing.