Good Things in April

    Morning! How’s your week going so far? Let me start by apologizing for being a little MIA on here lately – I’ve been familiarizing myself with my new camera, “adult-ing” (trying to figure out freelance health care, um blah), and honestly just needing a re-start of the engine. Sometimes it’s best for my creativity to pause and let the juices flow naturally on their own. So that’s the deal if you’ve noticed my frequent walks on snapchat (equivalent to tossing dirty laundry under the bed), but I’m in need of a break. I do, however, have some things I couldn’t just keep to myself–


    I’ve been getting so many compliments on these Céline sunnies, so thought I would reveal my secret with you. They were purchased from Amazon, discounted, and are the best pair I’ve slid onto my face. I have high expectations on big(ger) purchases – but these were everything I crossed my fingers for: they are snug, everyday chic, and my lashes don’t hit the lens, so they are golden in my book! I’m also in love with all things from Azil – a local boutique in San Francisco, and where all my dainty gold jewelry comes from these days – I’ve been wearing this, this and this daily.


    Neutral sandal army, well the top 3 contenders each day, as of lately. From left to right: 1 // 2 // 3


    My 2 collections: coffee table books and matchbooks are going strong lately, so had to capture them in their glory. Also, I’ve found that a lot of my favorite candle brands are including matchbooks in their packaging now, I approve!



    And lastly, wine, always wine. We recently ordered a few bottles from Benziger, and fell into a tipsy bliss after sipping on this delicious Pinot Noir. Have you tried their wines? Loving so far!

    Hope you have a great day, friends! xx


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    20 April