An Autumn Picnic


    Oh, picnics…the one thing about summer I dread parting ways with! When I saw a bump in temps this week and clearing of rainclouds, I thought I would try and squeeze in just one more before it’s too chilly to enjoy a good spread outdoors. Awhile back when walking through the Presidio, I noticed a few wooden picnic tables I had never seen before, so decided to pack up my picnic basket and met a friend for an afternoon to catch up in the sun. If you know me at all, you know that I love setting a scene, especially when it involves a rich a moody tablescape and a delicious bottle of wine…


    With the nice weather, Belle Ambiance Chardonnay was an easy choice (and also around $10…picnics can get expensive, so I appreciate this price point!). If you’re a lover of Chardonnay, this one is unique and delicious. Nothing says fall happy hour quite like a wine with aromas of lemon zest, honeysuckle, and hints of toasty oak, set off by flavors of orchard-fresh green apples, pears, and creamy marshmallows. It was SO good paired with blue cheese and a rustic baguette. If you like a crisper white, their Pinot Grigio is perfect for picnics too–and it has a screw-off cap, to boot. Also, tip for you fellow picnic lovers–if you freeze grapes they make for perfect wine chillers!


    This afternoon was just lovely. No winds, blue skies, just a slight crispness in the air–glasses were half full to say the least!

    Thank you Belle Ambiance for collaborating on this feature!
    and thank you for supporting brands who support BoC. xx

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    20 October