Guys, is it spring yet? After what has felt like a whole month of gloom and rain, I am ready to indulge in this sunshine and put my best spring clothes forward. Or something like that… (:

I was chatting with my girlfriend about how collecting timeless pieces is so much easier in fall and winter. Sweaters, leather jackets, wool peacoats, denim, booties… things we know we love and will for a very long time. But come spring and summer, there are so many trends at our reach. And fun ones! Things we are excited to go for, but come next summer we might be over. I am totally guilty of this.

I told you last year how I sold and donated more than half of my closet. I realized that I was wearing such a small percentage (granted I had a walk-in closet then, oh that was the life…). But the things I continued to reach for were all versatile, timeless, and high quality. So, I’ve kept this in mind.

Since last spring when this all began, I’ve begun to collect things I really love and wear all the time. My basics, denim, jackets, and pretty much fall/winter belongings are looking much more promising. My warm weather wardrobe needs some help, though, so that’s why I want to chat through my process going forward.

It’s my goal this year to add to my spring collection thoughtfully. Since a new season is around the corner, let’s get this conversation started. And there’s no better way to ease into spring than to start with the basics…

Sunglasses | Le Specs
Denim Jacket | Habitual
Tee | Baldwin (favorite, on sale!)
Denim | MIH Jeans
Mules | Freda Salvador
Bag | Polene Paris

I suggest cleaning out your closet and *really only keeping things you actually wear. Make note of what feels missing. Focus on finding pieces you absolutely love and feel your best in. Dive deep into *why you love the things you do–it could be the cut, fabric, color, all the above! Start to feel out what you perpetually look for in a piece.

Jeans, tees, and lightweight jackets are a perfect place to start and fill in areas you need more of. These are my can’t-live-without closet categories–all can be layered and versatile throughout the season and even the year…

Jeans /

I personally love MIH Jeans (at least this style, which I have had now for several years), Citizens of Humanity (just ordered the Olivia jeans!), J Brand, and Everlane. I also mentioned recently how I am interested in trying Goldsign since I love my new denim jacket from them so much.

Tees /

You know I love the ribbed tees from Baldwin, but I also adore tees from Rag & Bone, The Great (I have both of the colors in this one and love them), and Monrow.

Denim Jackets /

A whole story on denim jackets is in the works (waiting for a new one to arrive in the mail first!) and why they are essential. I don’t really have a favorite brand here, I just look for a soft fabric that isn’t stiff, cool pockets and furnishings, and a good fit. More to come very soon. 🙂

If you have an absolute fool-proof favorite brand for basics in your closet, I’d love to know! Until tomorrow, xx