Something was definitely missing from our space for a while after parting ways with our old bar cart. I was wanting change and felt like maybe going about it a different way would feel fresh and different. We opted for congregating our bar tidbits on shelves and then a console table for the past several months. After moving in and eyeing this perfect little nook, Matt and I decided to browse again. We found this one and well, the void has been filled! It really does make such a cool impact in a room, definitely going to stick with this cart. Plus, it’s a perfect always-evolving project for me to style and work on!

Pretty similar to my old Threshold cart (on sale BTW), but a little bit bigger and an oval shape which I really like. I forgot how much I loved how these guys look! Not just because they scream fun, but we have a lot of books and little trinkets from travels, so I always look at the cart as a place to layer things and have them out on display.

It’s been ages since I did a bar cart styling post, so while I have some fresh eyes and a new setup, thought this would be the perfect opportunity…

Bar cart credentials

First, find yourself a great bar cart. I’ve had a lot of trial and error with this, so here are some things to think about. There are so many variations out there; shape, size, material, tiers, etc. I love a two-tier cart, and I usually aim for a little bigger as I like to include things other than liquor bottles. I don’t like it to feel overly crowded, so bigger is better if you have lots of toppers!

Cohesive color story

We have quite a lot of liquor stored in our apartment from past holidays, dinner parties, birthdays, but I only keep 8-10 bottles and decanters on the cart. I try and make sure the color story of the labels and bottles tie nicely together. Call me crazy, but I think it makes the cart look a lot more effortlessly put together when they have a cohesive palette. Also, since Matt drinks whiskey, we’ve collected quite the decanter collection. I will have nothing to do with that stuff, but I do love the color and how it looks in the crystal!

Light it up

Add a light to instantly elevate and cozy-up a corner. Especially when it’s turned on, the shadows and ambiance really give the bar area a warm welcome feel. Also adds a bit of dimension. I almost always suggest adding a lamp when styling any kind of accent table. Also, a candle or two! I keep one candle usually front and center and will light it when guests come over. Alongside the candle, set out a pretty apothecary match jar. I have these things spread throughout our apartment, I love them. I bought mine from an interior design shop here in the city years ago, but also made one myself by buying an apothecary bottle and large black matches on Amazon.

Greens for good measure

I prefer a pretty green leaf and a bowl of limes or lemons over flowers. It reminds me of being somewhere beachy, and I like keeping the cart looking casual and fun.

Trays and glasses

I love adding a little layer of a different texture, be it marble or rattan, to the bottom shelf. I set out our marble tray and a couple pretty glasses on display.

Curiosities and personal touches

Right now we have Matt’s wine tasting leather notebooks, a photo of Scout, a glass elephant from a trip, and a mineral rock from our mini collection. We also have a deck of cards, a glass box holding some of our matchbook collection, crystal wine stoppers, and a linen Miu Miu box for a unique color pop.

…And add some art

I am in love with our print from Hotel Magique hanging above our cart. I also want this from them, so cute. I plan to keep our walls less dressed in this apartment, but love how much of an impact this little piece makes.

Get the look

So happy with how things are coming together over here. Finally feeling settled and well-rested and can’t wait to show you more! Hope you’re having a great week so far. Cheers! x

Thoughts, questions, or just want to say hi?