Bedroom Inspiration

23 March

Since my spring cleaning binge last weekend, our place is feeling clutter-free and organized which slightly feels like a clean slate in the decorating department. Shocking, I know. I took down a lot of our framed prints because as we collected pieces I would just add them in, but decided I want to swap out some art and be a little more thoughtful on placement going forward. I also have kind of gone overboard with nails in the wall, so painting is in order.

I’ve been wanting to take on new wall colors in a couple of our rooms for a long time now. I love the gray (they were like this when we moved in), but prior to this apartment, I had actually painted my own walls (three apts in a row) a very similar shade, so I’m just needing some change. I’m going to be painting our dining room a classic white soon, but am also thinking of changing up the walls in our bedroom.

Ideally, I would love to paint the walls white and have a black accent wall behind the bed, but that’s going to take convincing! Why are men so resistant to black walls! It makes a room look so sharp and in my opinion, adds a masculine touch (in a very elegant way). I had a black accent wall behind my old gray velvet headboard years ago, and I miss it. So will keep you posted on that one… but for now, I will continue to collect pretty images of black walls to email Matt.

Inspiration for our bedroom…

I love a classic white wall. It just gives off such a fresh, clean and zen vibe.

We have a new headboard arriving in a few weeks and I am so excited! Since we upgraded to our king bed forever ago, we’ve needed one, so I’ve been keeping an eye out and finally found a piece I think will be just perfect. I went with an ivory linen tufted headboard with small side wings and we also ordered new white linen bedding (will be a first, but I discovered Cultiver and am so excited to change things up).

I also have minimized our tabletop items on our nightstands. A lamp, a couple books, and a candle is all I really need. More updates coming soon! Here are a few items I’ve bought or am thinking of bringing home below and my entire apartment wish list here.


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