Style Notes: Blazers Are Back

12 July

Blazers will always be a closet staple, but they have their more prominent moments every couple of years. When I moved to San Francisco in 2009, I had an army of blazers in every color and shape and wore them weekly. I’m thanking my lucky stars I decided to hold on to a few through many closet purges since because they are everywhere right now. The coolest aspect with trends holistically is that they come back reinvented–they are a blast from the past, only created in a new and improved way. I just love that.

For instance, I was watching friends this weekend and Rach was wearing mom jeans, snug on top, but the bottom is where the 90’s went wrong… they were bootcut and the length hit the top of your shoe. (Also, she got home from the grocery store and had her produce in a macrame bag. I digress)

Anyway, the new “it” blazer comes in many forms; patterned (think plaid and herringbone–gah this makes me so excited for fall!), long and slim (my personal favorite paired with a tee and denim shorts), fun sleeve details (cinched, etc.), waist ties, and unique buttons/clasps.

The nice thing about blazers, albeit in the peak of summer, is that they are a perfect transitional piece as the weather starts to cool down in a couple of months. It’s one fall-ish piece that I can justify bringing home, so here’s some inspiration for you and a handful I’ve bookmarked below. A whole bunch here, too!



{ images via Pinterest }