Getting back into a Healthy Groove

    I’m feeling refreshed from a nice Monday sleep-in, and ready for a detox week full of fresh and healthy food, a good workout every day, and bringing some new content to the blog. I need a little detox post-getaway and a few wine dates last week… I’m not 22 anymore, haha – my body just can’t handle it. As I sip my gigantic cup of coffee and peruse the interweb this morning to start my week, I thought I would share a few links that caught my eye.

    Instagram Situation. I couldn’t agree more with John Mayer’s thoughts about the new Instagram Algorithm. It’s going to be hard to say how I really feel until it’s implemented… but is it already?! What do you guys think about it? I read another article this morning on Tech Crunch, titled “The Death of Instagram for Brands’. Yikes. It saddens me to think of Instagram changing in a drastic way. A friend of mine’s brother was on the founding team back when it launched, so I downloaded it on day one, and it’s been the one app I’ve used consistently for years, and obviously is a huge passion point of mine and creative outlet for Brunch on Chestnut. As someone who loves taking photos, sharing inspiration and following people I look up to, this could totally shift what I love most about it. I’m really hoping it doesn’t. If you haven’t heard, you can read more about what’s happening here.

    The Power of Rituals. As a creature of habit, rituals are my thing, so loved this article from goop. I always like to focus on a certain ritual I will create on a monthly basis. One month, it will be something beauty related, another it will be fitness, etc. Creating a little routine and setting goals for myself help impact my week in a positive and rewarding way.

    Needing to de-stress? Read this article. With Spring finally here, wedding season, fitness goals, work projects piling up, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by plans so this read is a nice reminder how to keep balance and live stress-free.

    & last, but not least, I’ve spent the past 30 on this Tumblr pinning my life away to this board of mine.


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    I love love love BOC. I actually really love the mix of content you have. From beauty, to style, to interior design to posts about SF (restaurants etc). What I’m chomping at the bit to see is a deeper peek into your wardrobe that you’re curating with timeless and classic pieces. Details about your process, how you choose pieces you love and even how you organize your closet. I tend to lose pieces that fall at the back and want to be better about really wearing everything I decide to keep once I do a closet clean out. Hope this helps 🙂 otherwise, keep doing exactly what you’re doing bc I. Love. It. All.

    Amira xo

    Yay! I can definitely share an update on the closet progress… thanks for the awesome idea! You are seriously the sweetest, lady. I so appreciate your kindness and continuous support. ?

    Amy Beth Campbell

    John’s words on Instagram are so well put! I’m so hoping they reconsider! Fingers and toes crossed.

    I know, I couldn’t have said it better. It’s such an empowering app – lets hope it doesn’t lose it’s luster! Fingers crossed! xx