Celebratory Lunch

20 September

Yesterday a girlfriend and I made our way downtown to meet with the Nespresso team to brainstorm on a little something we have launching soon in the San Francisco flagship location. This is the first time I’ve worked on a project like this, and completely new to their team as well! It’s been such an exciting experience so far, I can’t wait to share more very soon once we finalize a few details.

I don’t know what I’d do without coffee, and am always so delighted by espresso after dinner and early mornings when we’ve stayed at hotels that have a machine in our room, so this just felt like a great fit for me. After the meeting we decided to grab lunch back in the Marina to celebrate. It was an absolutely beautiful day, warm and sunny, so we decided to sit outside and soak up the wonderful morning we had.


I mentioned recently how I’ve been gravitating toward color, welp, this shirt says it all. I’m starting to dress like my apartment décor it feels like… vintage rug, I’m talking to you… and I’m really loving it. I can’t help but reach for tops that are special like this. The color combinations, the details… the tassels. I recently discovered Figue, a bohemian design label, and am so in love with their unique pieces. A top to save up for and wear on special celebrations like this one.

Top | Figue
Denim | DL1961
Shoes | Vince
Sunglasses | Céline


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