Half a Decade with my Chambray Top

24 February

Happiest Friday to you. I am feeling much better (thanks to blue skies and a plan-free weekend ahead), and am looking forward to starting Monday strong. So come back and visit, lots of posts scheduled! Thanks all for bearing with me for my slack this week. I needed time to work on a few projects ahead, and just wanted a tiny break from staring at my laptop.

Anyway– a week or so ago my friend and I grabbed lunch outside. After realizing we were delayering minute by minute and the weather app told us it was 70º, there was no way rosé wasn’t going to be ordered. You like that one?

It’s so nice to see a normal forecast again and to be able to walk Scout to our favorite coffee shop this morning (Dynamo Donuts near Crissy Beach). After living in San Francisco for over seven years, the rain and gloom have never been that bad, so I learned a lot about myself this week. Sunshine and being outdoors are two things I absolutely need in my weekly life to be happy and sane. So spending as much time I can with both these next few days.

I feel like I’ve shared this outfit fifty plus times on here, but I guess that just shows you their true staples in my closet. I cannot say enough amazing things about this Bella Dahl top… (I kind of feel like this should be sponsored at this point, but it’s not. haha) I’ve been wearing it for over 5 years now. It’s the softest, most flattering chambray top I’ve ever come across, so I’m just happy it’s lasted me through many seasons (quality test!). Just please excuse my paleness…

I also am loving these nude leather shoes. So much so, that I ordered them in this suede cognac color, too (they also come in white). This was the first day I wore them and they were so comfortable.

Cheers to weekend uniforms, crisp wine in the sun, and a relaxing weekend ahead. Talk to you soon! xx

Sunglasses | Céline
Top | Bella Dahl (also love this one)
Jeans | MIHthis one
Shoes | Via Spiga
Bag | Céline


I have a grey Bella Dahl dress that is THE softest ever and my favorite summer travel dress !

the best chambray top I’ve ever come across! I want it in white…

I’ll cheers to that!!

Hope you had a fun weekend! x

I love a good wardrobe staple, especially one that lasts so long. And man am I ever jealous about that rosé lunch…my two month pregnancy countdown is on, I’m definitely missing my wine! Have a good weekend 🙂

Oh the countdown begins! I feel like I will be asking someone to pop open some champagne the second after giving birth haha 🙂 so close lady! Can’t wait to see the babe! xx

I have a few Bella Dahl tops I love too!! I always say they’re so soft it’s like wearing pajamas. Have a lovely weekend! xx

Right? And honestly, I have accidentally washed it before and it stays exactly the same structure and soft fabric. It’s like indestructible at this point. 🙂

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I have a few chambrays, have had them for years and don’t even remember buying most of them it’s been so long or I stole it from a friend hahah! They 100% get better with time.

Haha, amazing! They really do age well, I mean it makes sense, so do the best pair of jeans. I just don’t know what I’d do without chambray…