Perfect Pairings: Wine and Cheese

12 months ago

For someone who loves nothing more than a good girls night with cheese and wine, I’ve never actually taken the time to learn what cheese is best suited for my favorite varietals. I love those opportunities when I get to appreciate complimentary pairings whether it be at restaurants or wineries, so I decided to do some research and throw a little pairing party of my own.

As you may know by now, Chalk Hill is one of our absolute favorite weekly wines. All of their varietals are always a hit when we introduce to friends. They are just one of those wine labels who are reliably delicious, high quality, and consistently picked up at the market. I personally love the Pinot Noir (if we’re playing favorites), but their Chardonnay brings back my first love of crisp white wine during summer. It’s the perfect balance of oak-y and crisp!

For the pairing party, we opened their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s definitely a couple of cheese options per wine, but after a lot of research, these were the most consistent suggested pairings…

Sauvignon Blanc x goat cheese

Sauvignon Blanc is the wine most often chosen to accompany goat cheese! I love me some Humboldt Fog. The fresh acidity in the wine matches the acidity in the cheese. The combination is fresh and invigorating!

Chardonnay x brie

The more subtle flavors of Chardonnay allow the flavors of the creamy cheeses to shine and the acidity in the wine cuts through the creamy richness. *Brie is always better with white wine (this I did not know!)

Pinot Noir x gruyere

Pinot Noir’s fruit forward tasting notes complement the salty, yet subtly fruity taste of the Gruyere.

Cabernet Sauvignon x aged cheddar

The aging process of the wine brings out a slight crunch and rich, nutty flavors in an aged cheddar cheese. Their milder, nutty texture and smooth taste highlight the berry notes in both young and older Cabernet Sauvignons.

Honestly, what is better than girlfriends, a delicious glass of vino, and a platter of cheese?! So easy to put together, great for our taste buds, and we learned something new! I couldn’t recommend this more for your next girl’s night.

Chalk Hill is the perfect go-to as I find their wines are such a crowd pleaser. Such a big fan of them. Here’s a little cheat sheet for you below, illustrated by my lovely friend Tab…

Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet


A big thank you to Chalk Hill for collaborating on this post.