Classic Dinner Party Essentials

    My favorite part about hosting a dinner party is 100% setting the scene. I know they come for the food, but if you’re the type to notice those little details leading up to the meal, you’re one after my own heart. A perfect playlist, sunset lighting, candles lit, and cooking smells filling the air – oh, there’s just nothing better than that!

    Dinner Party Essentials | Brunch on Chestnut Lifestyle BlogDinner Party Essentials | Brunch on Chestnut Lifestyle Blog

    After living in a few apartments with roommates in San Francisco, I hardly invested in entertaining pieces. Since Matt and I moved in together, we’ve slowly but surely cultivated a little collection together of necessities like matching dishes (woop-woop), nice glassware, and of course – marble kitchen accents aplenty (I’m cut off from this FYI, over-abused this obsession).


    A couple months back I discovered this gorgeous brand called Snowe, and we ordered a few things from them including this bundle of all-that-you-need dishware and a handful of their white wine glasses since we were wanting to start fresh. I’m obsessed with the quality, simplicity, and branding of Snowe, so had to share in case you’re in the market!


    A few things I dub to be essentials come entertaining guests are the following: clean cut dishware, a runner always brightens up a table, a couple of candles lit, flowers never hurt, this playlist, a couple bottles of sparkling water, greet your guests with a cheese plate ready to be snacked on and pop a bunch of wine! More must-haves below:


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    26 July