Current Nighttime Skincare Ritual

    On Monday I had a spa night in cozied up from the cold while watching Practical Magic with a cup tea. It was bliss. I have always loved an evening beauty ritual. It’s the one getting-ready process that I enjoy and take my time with, plus with the colder weather upon us, there will be plenty of me-time opportunities ahead. My medicine cabinet as of late is feeling full to the brim with gems that work wonders, so I thought I’d share some of my own practical magic with you!

    How amazing is that movie, by the way? I loved it growing up and thought it was quite on-brand for Halloween week/a night in with lots of lovely potions of my own. All in all, this night was a treat for my skin and my soul.

    “There’s a little witch in all of us.” – Practical Magic

    Spa Night Ritual

    I take a bubble bath with a favorite bath salt or oil and let my clean complexion open up from the steam before our DIY facial begins. I put on a face mask (my absolute two favorites are by Fresh (gentler) and this one by Goop (a little more intense), which I rotate). And then once my skin is feeling squeaky clean, I start layering on the goods.

    From the featured photo above, one of my new favorites is from Clé de Peau Beauté – their products are insanely good. I tested out a few from Neiman’s a while back. They are totally worthy of the hype and worth the investment. I’ve been using their Intensive Eye Contour Cream after bath or shower/washing my face.

    Kyrpis Moonlight Catalyst has been a consistent favorite since I mentioned it earlier this spring. For being so gentle and light, it has such a powerful effect on my skin, making it even and radiant by morning. One droplet of the silky, light serum goes a long way. I cover my complexion and neck before adding a layer of oil. I like it teamed with Kyrpis 1,000 Roses. I could not recommend this stuff more. So there you have it! I eventually always change things up, but this lineup is currently making quite a difference.




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