A Few Fall Things

    Hi friends! Happy humpday. 🙂 It’s one of those weeks where I am so ready to be in sweat pants on Friday night, sipping wine and binge watching Friends. But since we have only made it to midweek, I shall shop online to give this week a little more momentum. Every girl has a sweet spot for a good deal, and mine is always Nordstrom Rack. I used to work at Nordstrom when I was younger and saw the way they ran their business with Rack. Usually when I go into a store and I notice a sale section, I have a horrible tendency of overlooking it, because it’s a) overwhelming most of the time and b) I assume something is wrong with the item. I sound like a diva, but it’s true. In my mind (most of the time) I would rather pay full price.

    With Nordstrom Rack it’s different. Items are pulled from Nordstrom and sent to Rack based on weather, trends, style change etc., so my experience has always been successful when I pay a visit. I recently decided to make a trip when I saw that they were opening a brand new location in Emeryville (fun fact: ALWAYS attend new store openings… you will always bring something you love home.) I always opt for neutrals, so went with a pair of denim, a sweater, a pair of heels, and a leather jacket – ALL under $200! I am obsessed with buying items I can easily mix and match with other fall clothes. I added the items I bought below + a couple things on my list.


    What are your fall/winter staples? Would love to know! x

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    10 November