A Thoughtfully Curated Holiday Gift

    How have I never thought of this before? Gifting a beautiful gift box for the holidays! It’s such a brilliant, sweet and thoughtful sentiment. Especially if you need unique ideas and want to save time on browsing shops for a bunch of little goodies. I recently discovered Knack and immediately fell in love with their discerning edit of well designed and carefully curated products. You know how much I love good branding. They have their own gift boxes you can choose from–  sweet surprises like Chardonnay Staycation box or this darling Just Breathe Kit. You can choose from their adorable curations or you can customize something yourself.

    I love the idea of creating a gift box for close family friends, and including multiple gifts for everyone in one. This is also such a great idea to gift a host! Someone who is having you over for the holidays, or put together an amazing festive feast. A little more crafty than bringing along a bottle of wine. Something like this would make their day.

    I put this box together and am excited to gift it to two girlfriends of mine who are roommates. The wine lover (this amazing Underwood Pinot Noir in a can and these delicious sea salt chocolates), the coffee aficionado  (Umbria coffee beans and a tortoise spoon and napkin), and a pretty candle with matches for good measure. It’s such a seamless way of gifting, and the packaging makes it all of the more fun and special. Don’t you think?

    You can use the code KANE10 to get 10% off a Knack gift box through Jan 31st. Happy Holidays! xx


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