A Few New Beauty Products

    Friday! I’ve been waiting for you! How was your week, friends? As you may have read, I have been counting down to this weekend for quite some time now, and I am so looking forward to sharing more details about our weekend at Carneros Inn! I am so excited to be reunited with Matt this evening, after him being in Switzerland for work since last Sunday. He’s about to get the biggest smooch ever! Anyway, I wanted to give you the inside scoop on my pretty skin prep before we celebrate our two-year mark together in Napa.

    After spending time in Colorado for New Year’s, my skin got super dry and had been fussing out like never before (altitude, you suck). Once we settled back in, I began dedicating my evenings to nursing my skin back to health, and I am pleased to share that I am feeling good in my skin for this special weekend. 🙂

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    A few products I’ve been relying on to help me hydrate are a few favorites I found at Target. I asked my favorite Beauty Concierge her recommendation for my sensitive (and fussy come dry months) skin, and here’s what she suggested:



    Aveeno Wipes // A great way to remove mascara without having to use a ton of face wash (which actually tends to dry out your lashes). Not to mention, Aveeno is a skin-care favorite at Target. For years, I’ve lathered myself with their body lotion after every shower.

    Sonia Kashuk Oil // I am all about facial oils. They work wonders on me, so when the Beauty Concierge suggested I try this one (for $15!) I bought two. When the price is right, you stock up. 🙂 This oil is made to moisturize, repair and protect skin, resulting in a beautiful, natural glow. It has stellar reviews online, so I thought I would give it a whirl, and I love it.

    Sonia Kashuk Hand Lotion // I used to be so anti-hand lotion. I hated the way it felt, and how I felt like I couldn’t touch anything after for quite a while. This lotion is nice and light, and it moisturizes while also absorbing into your skin so it doesn’t leave that oily feeling. I also love the scent, and the branding is just icing on the cake—or, in this case, on my beauty-cabinet shelf.

    Sonia Kashuk Cleanser // This oil-to-gel cleanser melts away makeup, debris and impurities, and it feels SO good on my skin. It’s nice and gentle (after I take off my mascara with a wipe), and gives my skin the nice cleanse it needs after a long day.

    It’s so nice to find high-quality products that are a bang for the buck! My skin feels so much better, and to me, that’s one of the most important aspects of getting ready for the day and being proud of the skin I’m in. I would love to hear your thoughts if you end up trying any of my recommendations!

    I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂 xx

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    okay i need to get me some NEW facial products and i trust you soooooo, looks like i’m going to target. & then i’ll find myself in the interiors section getting in trouble hahaaaa

    It’s nice to find those affordable options! I am always changing around my skincare regimen, so having the backup accessible options are always a good idea. Seriously love those Aveeno wipes, that oil is fantastic, and I always have that Aveeno facewash on hand too. I hope you enjoy them! I feel you on the home decor section, too– how can you not go take a peek? Way too good.