A few of my closest girlfriends and I started a new tradition this year– a wine gift exchange.

This may be my new favorite December get-together because… wine. As kindred vino aficionados, this just made sense, plus it was a perfect evening to catch up amidst holiday craziness. The rules of the gifting are simple – anything wine related goes (wine tools, bottles, glassware, etc.). It’s such a fun and easy night and always nice to learn about new wines.

Our wine and conversations flowed freely until late into the night, per usual when we get to have these catch-ups! Like I mentioned here and here, the Belle Ambiance reds are what I love to reach for, particularly the Dark Red Blend. All of my friends are now hooked on picking this up at the store for their evening wine down, it’s just so delicious and a bang for the buck. Think: raspberry, blackberry, caramel and cocoa with a subtle hint of vanilla… gimme. Another bottle that’s always a hit, is the Chardonnay– the toasty oak always goes over well.

I’ve also had the best time recently testing new tablescapes, with several hosting occasions this month, I try my best to make the tablescape and setting look a bit different. I paired this nude linen table cloth with wild blooms, and loved how simple and chic it looked. It turned out pretty minimal, which was perfect as we were going to be opening gifts.

As for my gift, I ended up with these (so, whoever came up with this idea… you’re a smarty pants / my friend knows my clumsy/spilling ways) and a bottle of red, which I am currently sipping on as we speak. Great friends mixed with wine, music (a few new playlists here), pretty flowers, and twinkle lights is always going to end in unforgettable memories– it was such a fun evening, I highly suggest starting the tradition yourself!



Thank you to Belle Ambiance for collaborating on this post.
& thank you for supporting brands who work with BoC!


Looks like so much fun! Great idea and I can’t wait to try that wine!!

Thanks, Jenny! I hope you enjoy it! x

These photos are SO stunning Ash!


So beautiful love these pics!



Thanks, Steph! Happy Friday – I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

That’s such a brilliant idea! + i simply adore the photography in this spot – colours and details <3

I also love the idea of a small get together where everyone brings their absolute favorite wine to share! It would have to be a weekend as the math there seems like you’d be past tipsy, but I love the idea of learning new wines that way!

Hope all is well and you’re feeling great with the babe! xx

Such a fun idea, especially if everyone brings something a little different than the usual Whole Foods bottle. Beautiful photography!

Totally! Next one I want everyone to bring their absolute favorite wine to share, such a fun way to find new favorites.

Hope all is well, Whitney! x

I tried Belle the last time you did a post and really like the blend too!!

Oh, so good to hear! It’s a crowd pleaser and so affordable… win win!