Collected and Eclectic Coffee Table Styling

17 January

Our tabletops { okay, and entire apartment } are perpetually evolving over here. However, our coffee table has kept me content for quite some time, so I thought I’d share the elements pulling it off. Firstly, I think it’s important to play around with items you’d like to have on display and make sure that everything is something you genuinely adore. I ransacked our place the end of last year, and am standing firm with the notion of only keeping things around and investing in pieces that bring us joy. Quality over quantity, so it’s okay to start off with a bare minimum of a couple books, your favorite vase, and some fresh flowers.

Our coffee table has become a place that houses my favorite collections; coffee table books, matchbooks, candles, and coasters. Coffee table books are one of my biggest inspiration resources so we have a bevy of them spread throughout our place. I love stacking them here and playing around with color stories and textures of the book stacks. I usually will have 2-3 piles of them centered on our table to create dimension.

Candles are a no-brainer but this is the spot in our place for my most favorites. You all know by now about my matchbook collection. I have a big glass box full of them, but since that’s becoming a bit overdone, I put them on another shelf and only have 2-3 at a time. Also, my new giant matchbook from St. Frank does the job just perfectly.

Next up, time to pepper in some curiosities! I love magnifying objects, globes, brass accents, mineral rocks (got these from flea markets), palo¬†santo sticks, etc. Something charming that is cohesive to your style and the other pieces atop your coffee table. A tray also helps to separate and hold smaller things. I love the pop of the marble! Most importantly, have fun with your styling. It’s amazing what a few small accents can do…


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