In Case You Are New Around Here…

3 days ago

Hi! I’ve noticed a bevy of messages coming in lately from people who share that they are new to my blog, so I felt inspired to introduce myself. I have actually never done this before! I like to think I’m a good writer but telling ‘in a nutshell’ stories isn’t my forte (ask my husband lol), But I shall try!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

I live in San Francisco with my husband Matt and our Australian labradoodle pup, Scout! ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣We just got married this past June in St. Helena, which is such a special place to us. One thing you’ll quickly collect is our love of vino and wine country weekends. We frequent a few favored areas, which you’ll notice a lot more come spring and summer! Over the past 6 years since we met, we’ve joined a few wine clubs that we love: Scribe, Alpha Omega, Papapietro Perry, and Cuvaison. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Since I was young, I lived for the feeling of being inspired and felt my best when expressing myself creatively. At age 12, I started a magazine collection (still heavily influenced by editorial spreads). I would cut out pages with stunning imagery and graphics and slip them in my sheet protectors latched into binders and dreamt of working in the fashion industry someday. I’d rearrange my room on a weekly basis and thought perhaps interior design could be my calling. I always had disposable cameras in tow and loved capturing and appreciating the beauty around me. Eventually, in high school, I intertwined my passions and brought them to life digitally. I started online journals and blogs all throughout high school and my teens. The start of it all!

I longed to do something big with my life someday because when I was creating something… or swept away by inspiration, I felt like I could do anything.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣..

After moving to San Francisco in 2010 and acclimating to a new life in the city, I launched my blog, Brunch on Chestnut. I juggled creating with a few marketing jobs, and after years of growth, I was able to leave my 9-5 in Feb 2016. Almost 4 years of BoC full-time and it’s been the most exciting yet challenging rollercoaster ride of my life, and I’ve never felt closer to my dream of doing something bigger than me. It still feels surreal that a lifetime hobby has led me to where I am and shaped up to be a career path, one that allows me to focus on and nurture my most treasured passions.

A few more things about me. My personal style and creating process is less about trends and more about timelessness and quality. I take a thoughtful approach with the things I write about and share, and collect in my home and closet. I’m a Pisces, through and through. A collector of Porter Magazines, matchbooks, crystal glassware, and coffee table books. I am a lamp aficionado. I live for a good flea/vintage find! I am influenced by European/French design when it comes to my home… I have a weakness for cozy, romantic settings packed with charm; tall ceilings with crown molding, rounded archways, french doors, herringbone hardwood… to name a few *essentials. I’m obsessed with direct sunlight photography, shadow play, and light leaks… it’s where I find the most magic.

I look to exploring, reading, writing, photography, and traveling to inspire me and push me in new ways. My mantra this year is “fewer distractions, more quality time spent on things I love”, which I will continue to open up about this year. In a world where technology, social media, and information has taken over our lives, I’ve become extremely choosy about what I surround myself with and what I consume. I’ve been blogging since I was 16 and for a very long time I enjoyed reading blogs and publications quite regularly, but I’ve learned that removing outside influences has helped me cultivate a better outlook on my own work and a stronger sense of purpose in the space. They don’t call it the age of distraction for nothin’! I’m protesting it. I’ve learned to nurture my passions by creating vs. consuming, and it’s made such a huge impact on my life and my work.

I like to say that social media is fast food and my blog is a nice meal! I put all my heart and energy into these pages above any other platform. You’ll discover that I don’t have a certain cadence, I like to run with whatever is inspiring me and create on a whim! It’s just the way I like to operate.

Inspiring and empowering people to be the architect of their ideal lifestyle is my goal. It’s all about personalizing your approach to daily living and filling your days with things that bring you the utmost joy.

I hope you enjoy reading! In case you’d like to learn a little bit more you can read my about page here and my bio here.

Thank you for reading BoC, it wouldn’t be the same without you… x