Bedroom Refresh Inspiration

30 June

This week flew by! So much going on before the long weekend and I wanted to share a quick post on my plans for our bedroom as it’s been on my mind a lot lately. As you know by now, we’ve decided to stick around since the market is crazy, both renting and buying, so I’ve been majorly inspired to give our place a whole new look. Our bedroom has always been the last priority for some reason. Before moving in together, my bedroom in the past (when living with roommates) was the one room I could focus on completely, so maybe that’s why it’s taken a back seat? More interior design freedom? Or maybe I just need a little refresh! I’m going with the latter, and it’s my goal to have a room we love by the end of July. Wish me luck.

I want to minimalize. The room is spacious, but I’m not a big fan of our current layout right now. We also have too many places that become spots for laundry, mail, etc. build up. I want less furniture and quality over quantity. We recently had to get rid of our TV, so have been on the lookout for something new. Have you heard of the new Samsung Frame?! It just launched and is completely genius (“smart” products didn’t get their name for nothin’). No unruly wires thanks to their Invisible Connection, multiple interchangeable frame options (white, oak, black) so you can really customize to your personal design tastes, display artwork while you’re not watching TV… It’s brilliant! It comes with 100 pieces of art to choose from and you can also upload your own photos. You could put this thing smack dab in the middle of a gallery wall and you wouldn’t be able to tell which piece was the TV and which were real pieces of art because it actually hangs on the wall like a picture.

Speaking of smart appliances, did anyone see Bri Emery’s new refrigerator? I’ve never caught myself jealous over a fridge before until recently. { Samsung, you’re killing it }. Is this was almost-30 is like? Anyway, I am obsessed with the idea of The Frame, so it’s on our list for over our dresser. I’m a big advocate of stylish but functional, so this is just perfect.

Here’s what I’m thinking for our dresser wall, the biggest wall in our room that needs some love.

1. I am obsessed with candelabras right now and think these would look so good on both sides of the TV. Can you imagine a Saturday night in with a wine glass sitting on the nightstand, a movie marathon, and those beauties all lit up? That’s what weekend dreams are made of | 2. The Samsung Framemore info here if you’re interested in finding out more reasons why { we } need it | 3. I need some greenery love in this room. We have plants spread throughout but have left this room out. Let me know your favorite small plants, going to try and find something next week! 4. Always on the hunt for a new vintage rug. I am all about the grounded neutral pieces with interesting color details close up. More on this later | 5. A room scent to keep things fresh in here. Again, this room just needs some love!

have a wonderful long weekend!

Thank you for Samsung for collaborating on this post.