I love a good vignette. A corner of a room, a whole wall–an area of your space that feels collected and tells a story.

Something has continued to pop into my mind over the years while discovering my interior style identity. I look back at my childhood when interior rearranging became a big part of who I am, and I remember that I used to have to get super crafty about redecorating. I was in middle school and obviously had to work with what I had! I would cut out inspiring photos from magazines to swap out images in frames. Reinvent small pieces of furniture to style in new ways. I have always been good at reinventing things and it’s because I spent so much time trying to make my space feel like new on a regular basis.

I remember at one point in my life, I felt like my crafty styling wasn’t exactly how it’s supposed to be done. Maybe because for a while, I went through more of a traditional phase, but what I’ve learned is that there are no rules. Creating a vignette is meant to be unique and different! There’s beauty in the unusual, so keep that in mind. A vignette can be super minimal and put some of your most prized possessions on display or it can be rich with lots of fun home details.

I recently found these amazing vintage stools from Sotheby’s Home (a new online shopping treasure trove of vintage and home decor galore), and they are the perfect piece to create vignettes in our small apartment. They fit right under our windowsills and can be styled in so many ways. As a small lamp table, cookbook holder, styled under a console table… they will serve me in so many ways. I thought I would share some ideas and tips when creating vignettes in your home since it’s something I am starting to work on more myself.

By the way – Sotheby’s kindly featured me on their site today and there’s a little Q&A if you’d like to read! it!

Mirrors to catch the light /

Maximize the sunshine soaking in and open the space via reflection.

Lean picture frames /

Not all frames or pieces of art need to be hung. Add dimension by leaning a piece against the wall.
Clear glass vases and objects feel light and add sparkle.

Put nature on display /

Pops of green always add something special.

Bare your floors /

It’ll make the vignette feel airier.

Stools, accents chairs, and small consoles are secret weapons /

Especially for smaller spaces.

Stack your ceramics /

Kitchen shelves feel so cozy when your pretty pottery is out on display.

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