Los Feliz, LA City Guide with Kelli Lamb

    I met Kelli several years ago before she moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and have loved following along with her as a newlywed, new local to LA, and as she nests into the most dreamy home. Kelli’s passion for her position at Rue Magazine and the personality that always shines through her work, are just a couple of reasons why I adore her style and attitude and am always inspired by her bright and beautiful aesthetic. I’m excited to have her be a part of Live Like a Local, so you can get to know her a bit more and read up on some of her favorite spots in Los Angeles!


    Name: Kelli Lamb
    Age: 29
    Current occupation/job: Managing Editor & Head of Social Media at Rue Magazine (And very, very part-time blogger at Leopard & Lavender)

    What does a typical day look like for you?
    I work from home, which I really enjoy. A normal day for me begins when my husband gets up for work. We take turns making each other coffee, since neither of us are morning people. I answer any pressing emails, schedule Rue’s social media for the day, and then get to work on my to-do list – which often includes a lot of writing, but also producing and managing our editorial calendar. There’s always something different to accomplish each day – I rely on written to-do lists and a Day Designer to stay on track.

    I prefer to work from home versus a coffee shop, but will head out and pick up lunch or a juice just so I have a change of scenery and sunshine.

    A more fun day could include a video meeting with the rest of the Rue team, meetings or events with brands or designers, or – my favorite – a photo shoot. If there ever is anything we’re photographing in LA, I attend with our photographer and help art direct the shoot. This is one of my favorite parts of my job, because I get to experience the places in real life and meet a lot of really wonderful people.

    Lightbulb moment that navigated you to where you are now.
    When I first moved to San Francisco, I met with my friend who is a corporate recruiter. I have a pretty solid background in e-commerce, but had been writing and blogging for fun for years. He told me that while my resume looked great from a business standpoint, I really could pursue and thrive using the social media and blogging skills I had. It sort of sparked the realization that my dream job DID exist. When I arrived in SF, I saw Rue was looking for an editorial intern and I knew it was the open door I needed. I worked my ass off that first 3 months to prove how passionate I was, and I am so grateful to have worked my way up. (AND to have been able to keep my job when we made the move to Los Angeles.)

    Proudest career accomplishment.
    I think the most impactful moment was being promoted to Managing Editor – I take great pride and responsibility in the fact that Crystal (Rue’s founder and EIC) puts her faith in me to run a brand she has worked so hard to build. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunities the magazine has given me.

    Words to live by…
    Don’t be rude to people. Celebrate even the smallest accomplishments with a glass of champagne. And don’t take it personal if someone writes a mean comment on the internet.

    Where do you live?
    I live on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz – two great, very walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

    A perfect weekend looks something like this…
    My favorite weekends include taking a long, leisurely walk to brunch somewhere – mimosas and French toast please! The walk home includes stopping in the neighborhood bookstores and boutiques, and maybe a patio for one more beverage. I’m a bit of a homebody, so I love to order takeout and watch Netflix. We also have a lot of great old movie theaters close by, so sometimes we’ll catch a Sunday matinee.

    Soundtrack to Saturday.
    We’re always playing the Lumineers, Father John Misty, Mumford and Sons, or Alt-J. Pretty predictable! But if I had a tough week, a little Katy Perry tends to show up on the playlist.

    Where are the best places to shop?
    Lawson-Fenning has the best furniture and home goods. Skylight Books has gorgeous coffee table books that you don’t see anywhere else – I’ve discovered some of my favorite designers just by browsing their shelves. And Mohawk General Store houses my dream closet, even if I can’t afford a lot of it.

    Top 3 favorite dinner spots.
    1) Little Dom’s – ask for a booth!
    2) Kettle Black – so Instagram-able!
    3) Casita del Campo – the go-to spot when you just need a big plate of Mexican food and a stiff margarita.

    Top 3 favorite lunch spots.
    1) Black Cat
    2) Alcove – this is a Los Feliz landmark!
    3) Ostrich Farm – you’ve probably seen this spot on Instagram a time or two. The weekend brunch crowd is crazy, so I prefer to go on a weekday.

    Best spot for cocktails with friends.
    1) Bar Stella – order the Stella Shandy, a beer cocktail that will change your life!
    2) Tiki Ti – but be warned, more than one cocktail will result in a tough next day.
    3) L & E Oyster Bar – be sure to sit on the patio upstairs!

    Wine bar you can’t miss.
    Vinoteca – snag a seat at the bar and order by the glass so you can try more!

    Favorite workout / must try for out of towners.
    Hiking in Griffith Park

    Noteworthy coffee shop.
    Dinosaur Coffee is just around the corner from me. Bright and airy with plenty of seating and Four Barrel coffee.

    Prettiest view.
    The view from The Ace Hotel downtown can’t be beat – especially if you’ve got a cocktail in hand.

    Favorite thing about where you live.
    That we can enjoy great weather all year, and that everyone you meet here is pursuing their passion. Los Angeles truly cultivates creativity.

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    Images via Kelli’s site and Instagram. | Thanks for being a part of Live Like a Local, Kelli! Keep up your always inspiring work!


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