Keys to a Relaxing Bubble Bath

    I’ve always been a weekly bubble bather for as long as I can remember. I  definitely followed in my mother’s footsteps here, as she took them religiously– so much so that she got them down to a fine art. Whenever she had a long day, an achy shoulder, or just wanted to pause for a moment– she always looked forward to evenings that ended this way. Turning on the hot water and adding a perfect dose of lavender bath soak was just what the doctor ordered.

    Over winter, I tend to hop in more frequently because we don’t have a proper heat system in our apartment. It’s the perfect way to de-numb my cold hands and ease into relax mode before bed. I teamed up with Anthropologie to share with you the recipe to a perfect relaxing bubble bath.

    First of all, a clean and minimal bathroom space is the perfect foundation. In general, I like to keep just a couple of things out on my counter, like flowers, current favorite fragrances, and maybe a vanity piece (like this brush holder), to keep things tidy and in place. A clutter-free space is a clear and content mind.

    Next, I always light a candle or two. If you know me at all, you know that candles are burning in my apartment 90% of the time, but they are absolutely mandatory for relaxing bubble baths (currently loving this one). They relax the hell out of me and one of the beautiful things about them is you can take them with you, too! I live for bubble baths on trips, so I often times will bring one with me for those blissful moments away from home, to bring a little piece of my routine with me.

    Finding a bubble bath oil or salt to toss in is another must. I love sifting through the bath and beauty pages of Anthropologie– our vision of unique and beautiful yet functional have always aligned. I find myself always coming across new beautiful brands, like this Susanne Kaufmann body oil, which is one of the greatest oils that have ever graced my bath tub. The scent almost put me to sleep and I had the silkiest skin to slink into pj’s.

    Pour yourself a glass of ice cold water or chilled wine before hopping in, and you’re ready to be tucked into the most relaxing evening of the week. Enjoy!

    A big thank you to Anthropologie for collaborating on this post.

    & thank you for supporting brands who support BoC! 

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    • Bee

      This really does look like the most relaxing bubble bath ever!


      • It really was! So much so, that this post inspired me to take an afternoon bubble bath…relaxed and ready for the weekend! I hope you have a fun one! x

    • Stephanie

      Such chill vibes, love it!


    • i never took baths until i met my bff here in Nashville, who only bathes (which is weird haha)- she got me soo into it! she even made the point that i really should be a bather considering i never wash my hair so a bath significantly lowers the chance of my day 5 blowout getting wet haha.

    • Alison

      This is such a great post. I love Anthropologie too for all their home stuff! I have to get that wooden plank now, thanks so much for sharing!