Kimono Jean Jacket

22 May

This staple is anything but basic…

My new kimono jean jacket has proven to be a top contender for a light layer (Matt this weekend: “really, again”), and for $85 looks like much more. It’s been too long since I brought something home I love this much, so had to share.

On Saturday I wore it over a basic t-shirt and white jeans to Alta Plaza Park where we picnicked and watched Scout terrorize all the other afternoon campers (what happened to him being a normal dog and napping during outings?). Afterward, I ditched the jeans (temps called for something breezier) and slipped into a floral high-waisted midi skirt (full visuals coming to the blog this week). I can’t see myself getting sick of this thing, but let me know if you disagree in upcoming posts (this is my thoughts on wearing new purchases).

Anyway, how was your weekend? We spent most of it recharging and trying to ease our way back into a good wellness routine post vacation/vacation blues. Smoothies, farmers market runs, morning yoga a la YouTube in our living room, reading, seeking inspiration in a new lovely flick… all the steps in attempting to feel good. If you haven’t seen The Good Lie, watch it and don’t forget the tissue box. I had to pause the movie to run to grab some because I was hysterically crying (maybe it was Sunday scaries kicking in?) at one point.

I hope you have a great week! More fun posts to follow so come back and visit soon xx