I was looking back on photos, dating back to early 2018 when we got engaged. Scout’s cute face aplenty (always) and a few fun trips we’ve taken this summer. I decided that I want (and need, really) to bring back photo albums! A few times a year when the mood strikes–an amazing trip (honeymoon), event (wedding), or just want to collect and print images seasonally. Plus, I’m a coffee table book collector, so the more pretty books atop my table the merrier.

Artifact Uprising is my photo goods to-go always. Their design-forward products always deliver and are so beautiful. { Save the Date contender! }  For our first family photo album (ever), I went with their custom Layflat Photo Book in the pretty new emerald green linen. It turned out so beautifully and I’m not going to lie, I teared up flipping from cover to cover. This color (as well as Rose, Sedona, and Honeycomb) is a limited edition for summer/fall.

I love how you can completely customize your book. Book fabric color, title (foil-stamped!), page layouts, captions. You can pull images from your own files, Instagram, and other social channels. It’s so easy, and the quality (per usual) is pure gold. I am so excited about this new tradition and I know my future self will be happy, too.

Adore Artifact Uprising and this beautiful product of theirs. Highest recommendations from me if you’re in the market for a photo album. If you’re interested, there’s a little discount code for you below! x Ashley

15% off $100 or more with the code: BRUNCH15 / expires on 10/1/18

A big thank you to Artifact Uprising for collaborating on this story!

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love Artifact Uprising! Although it took me weeks to put together my weeding album, it turned out perfectly!! And much cheaper than my wedding photographer was going to charge me.