Living Room Plans

12 September

Happy Monday! Hope you had a relaxing weekend! There’s a silver lining to having to roll up our rugs because of the pup – it’s inspired me to rearrange some things and swap out a couple items I don’t think will work well with having a dog. I bought our marble coffee table early this year, but it’s way too low. I made the mistake of ordering on a whim when it was on major sale for Black Friday and didn’t look too closely at the dimensions… whoops! Anyway, it’s been bugging me since it arrived, and then Scout came and can easily get into anything sitting (he’s keen on eating rose petals we’ve quickly learned…). I love the way the marble looks with our new couch from Article, so I’m sticking to that style… but upgrading quite a bit (it’s much bigger). We just ordered this one from ATG Stores, and I’m in love!

We also ordered a new rug for our living room. We decided we want to put the white Moroccan rug in our bedroom since it sheds a bit (less foot traffic in there, so hopefully less shedding) and will be nice and fluffy when jumping out of bed. The kilim rug that was in our bedroom just isn’t meshing with the vintage rugs we picked up from BeHomeCo and the Treasure Island Flea Market, so decided to part ways. 

We also added a couple little things atop our coffee table that I wanted to share! Pottery Barn has such amazing stuff right now. We picked up this gold tray to hold our matchbooks, this tortoise tray for candles, this vase for flowers, and I had to get these feathers for our entryway (inspired by Natalie). More to come soon (shooting the home tour, finally, in a week)!

Side note: I am completely aware how ADD I am with my interior design… it’s never ending. You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, haha even Matt has reached a “sure, whatever you say…” point with anything home related. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sue me. 😉

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