Happy humpday! Today I am on the hunt for a new living room rug and I would love your opinion. I’ve semi-talked about this before, but in case you’re catching up, our living room is in need of a little revamp! When we first moved in last May, this room was the first we spent time on because we knew we’d be living in this space the most. All of its foundation and décor came mostly from my last apartment, leaving it to be a little girly for my liking, and I think it was because of our rug in the room and light colored couch. As style evolves, so does our sense of it, and I’m easing into my love of a grounded, still neutral, but modern bohemian/eclectic aesthetic. I think not only will I love the change (because, always), but I think the room will look a little more balanced for the man who lives here. 🙂

I have been stalking the web and have found a few styles I really like. Judging from the photo I shared above, definitely thinking a Moroccan shag, but wanted to share the ones below that I’ve bookmarked (and #7 when I got completely distracted….). I am hoping to order one this week so it gets here by May when our new couch is arriving! More details on that coming soon, but I’ll give you a hint – it’s leather (have never owned a leather couch before) and it’s a light tan color. So over the one we have now, it sucks. Can’t wait to share the transformation as it comes together!

Which is your favorite below??
Rug Hunt

I totally do not need another vintage runner, but how cute is this one! On a dark hardwood floor in a Carrara marble kitchen… the epitome of heart eyeballs. Hope you have a great day, send me your thoughts and I will be sure to update you as I make the order. xx

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

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Great rug choices! Can’t wait to see the makeover! Didn’t you just recently get a new couch from Interior Define? Not a fan?

Thanks, lady! 🙂 Yeah, I got an Interior Define couch last summer after we moved into our place. I was really disappointed with the quality. The fabric pills SO much, and it looks horrible. I spend an hour the other day trying to get rid of them all, and have had to do that several times. It’s also not the most comfortable couch, so not even worth working with it…

#2. It’s super versatile and would work with a variety of different decor styles in case you end up changing things up!

Thanks, lady! I love that texture it has, it’s so lush. Going to sit down with Matt today and order something, so will keep you posted. 🙂 Happy almost Friday!! xx

Tiffany Ingram

Oooh these are so good! I personally love them all but the last one really caught my eye! Either way, they’re all wonderful, I just think the pop of pink is stunning!

Omg I truly have zero space for another vintage rug (I have 2 now in a small apartment, haha), but YES my eyes widened on up when I saw that one, it’s so pretty! xx

Love number one and seven! Absolute favorites!


Lady you’ve got great taste, think those are the 2 most expensive. 🙂 I definitely think I am starting to lean towards the morroccan numbers, just because our couch is going to be leather tan/brown, so I think it will be a nice combo, but will keep you posted! xx

Seriously? So funny! Laughing so much with your comment! The morroccan ones are such an inspiration! My brother has a floor covered in several with all different patterns but the combination is just exquisite! And the tan couch, love the idea. Can’t wait to see it!

Oh, I admire those who can layer different patterns! I see some on Pinterest that look fantastic, but I feel like I’d be nervous playing that game. Seriously want #7 though!

I’m the same! Been trying to do something like it but I’ll have to inherit those rugs. Swooning over both!

Jessica Cusick

I love #6 and as a runner up #2. I completely understand when you say you want to balance the masculine and feminine. I love doing the same in my space, so it feels like ours. (I also have to because my boyfriend is a designer himself 🙂 I love #6 because of the faint detail. The rug is still neutral but seems incredibly luxurious with that detail. Also, of all the options, it seem like the one that would be the most comfortable to just sit or lay on. I love the texture and organic feeling of #2. It is probably the most masculine of the options (in my opinion). It would definitely pull a room together and define the space. Both are the styles of rugs that I have always been attracted to. Also, if you are ever in need of any couch or other furniture recommendations, I love the quality and simplicity of Room & Board. I have two of their couches and I receive countless compliments. Good luck!!

Thanks so much, Jessica! I sat down with my boyfriend and we decided on #3… I just love seeing that Moroccan look with leather pieces, I think it looks so eclectic and cool. I loved all of these so it wasn’t an easy choice! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friend!! xx

Chase Francis

Ashley! Just checking out your blog for the first time and love it! Okay, so we just moved and updating our decor steez. Obsessed with your inspiration photo! When do you get your couch? I have to come check it out… xoxo

Thanks, lady! Congrats on the new home! Are you still in SF? Our couch comes in May, it’s by Bryght.com 🙂 it’s the tan/brown leather piece. Hope to see you soon!! xx

Love! It’s that same couch, but the color is just slightly lighter (and a little more blonde than orange)! So excited!

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