Happy humpday! Today I am on the hunt for a new living room rug and I would love your opinion. I’ve semi-talked about this before, but in case you’re catching up, our living room is in need of a little revamp! When we first moved in last May, this room was the first we spent time on because we knew we’d be living in this space the most. All of its foundation and décor came mostly from my last apartment, leaving it to be a little girly for my liking, and I think it was because of our rug in the room and light colored couch. As style evolves, so does our sense of it, and I’m easing into my love of a grounded, still neutral, but modern bohemian/eclectic aesthetic. I think not only will I love the change (because, always), but I think the room will look a little more balanced for the man who lives here. 🙂

I have been stalking the web and have found a few styles I really like. Judging from the photo I shared above, definitely thinking a Moroccan shag, but wanted to share the ones below that I’ve bookmarked (and #7 when I got completely distracted….). I am hoping to order one this week so it gets here by May when our new couch is arriving! More details on that coming soon, but I’ll give you a hint – it’s leather (have never owned a leather couch before) and it’s a light tan color. So over the one we have now, it sucks. Can’t wait to share the transformation as it comes together!

Which is your favorite below??
Rug Hunt

I totally do not need another vintage runner, but how cute is this one! On a dark hardwood floor in a Carrara marble kitchen… the epitome of heart eyeballs. Hope you have a great day, send me your thoughts and I will be sure to update you as I make the order. xx

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