Gifts that Give Back

10 months ago

When a thoughtful gift gives back, it’s more than just a gift…

L’Occitane products have been in my beauty cabinet for most of my life. My mom hoarded beauty products and has always been a big fan of theirs, so every Christmas I’d open endless smelling lotions and potions from under our tree. Their lavender collection is undoubtedly the reason why that scent has become a favorite. Why does that smell just instantly evoke relaxation?

Not only are L’Occitane products natural, organic, and cruelty-free– the company is also passionately committed to sustainability and giving back. They have worked with more than 10,000 women through shea producer unions (one of their most prominent ingredients), ensuring fair-trade prices for shea butter and better living standards for women producers.

In today’s world of endless new products, I love that transparency seems to be moving to the forefront, and conversations around formulas and sustainability are the new normal. I feel lucky to be working with their team, not only because the products are near and dear to my heart, but because I am proud of the impactful efforts their company takes to be the best they can be in all senses.

I always loved opening up their holiday gift sets. This year’s Lavender Holiday Collection is ideal for the bubble bath and spa night-in aficionados (like myself). Their Almond Holiday Collection is equally amazing! x

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