What instantly drew us to this apartment, was the main living spaces. We spent so much time in our living room and kitchen in our last place, so this openness was a gold mine in our eyes. It was made for entertaining, and I just can’t wait to start hosting more often.

We painted the walls white and contrary to our original plans, kept the chandelier that came with the unit because it really suits the space and our style quite well! I honestly can’t believe how this all came together. When we first looked at this apartment, the walls were gray in the living room and a light sage green in the kitchen and it was furnished (the owners used to host on Airbnb). I had to envision our style and furniture around quite a lot of stuff going on. You know my elation when it comes to Parisienne interiors, and after the paint and moving in, I could not believe how much this places looked like it could be nestled in the heart of Saint Germain! That moment shortly after the movers left deserved a slow clap…

We’ve settled into these main spaces, so I decided it was time to have a couple of our friends over to come check it out and cheers with a rewarding glass of wine after a long and tiring month! It was all worth it sitting in our new home, sipping one of our favorite weekly wines, Chalk Hill. Since entertaining season is upon us I thought I’d note a few things I usually prep before friends come over. I usually aim for a low-key, effortless vibe…

open a crowd-pleasing wine

I can’t praise Chalk Hill enough for being such a crowd pleaser. As I’m sure you know, they are one of my go-to favorites (they have them at Safeway if you’re a Marina local!). All of my friends pick it up now themselves. The Pinot Noir is like a silky dream– it’s fruit-forward and light just the way I like it. A perfect red for warm spring evenings paired with a hearty cheese plate. We are actually heading to their winery this month, so I’ll be sharing some more about the label, soon! In the meantime, go try it and let me know what you think.

market run for snacks

When people come over, I like to run to our artisanal market nearby to pick up a few fun things like olives, a fancy baguette, a few kinds of cheeses, crackers, popcorn, some sweets. A few special things that are easy, but thoughtful.

set the mood

I usually open a couple of bottles of wine and open up our wine glass cabinet. We have a growing collection, so I like to let our guests pick which they like best! I’ll light a bevy of candles, including in the restroom. Turn a good playlist on (here’s my dinner party playlist if you need one!), and create a warm ambiance with lighting. Also, flowers or greenery makes such a difference, too. I pepper them all over our apartment.

whip out game board collection

Recently, I have been on such a game night kick (#thisis30). We have a few that are so much fun to play when friends come around. Guesstures (you’ve seen us play this, it’s the charades-esk game that Scout hates), Code Names (currently obsessed with this one), and Settlers of Catan (when you’ve got a couple extra hours to hang) are our favorites.

& this is why I prefer staying in vs. going out…
Alright… welcome to our new home, a bunch of photos below! 

Get-together List

A big thank you to Chalk Hill for sponsoring this story. All imagery, creative direction, and opinions my own.