Where I Find Interior Design Inspiration

2 years ago

As I look around my apartment before packing up this week, it feels very bittersweet. Excited for change ahead, yes, but this place will always have a special place in my heart. It was our first home together. I’m realizing I’ve never felt so attached to memories made under a roof before. I remember the first week living together, how giddy we felt waking up in our home. We bought furniture and made interior design decisions together (well, I gave Matt options to choose from, haha). We brought Scout home here. We admired about every single sunset we saw from our beautiful windows. Our home has become a collection of things we genuinely love, pieces that inspire us to get cozy and bring back memories from some of our most favored trips. I got a little teary-eyed as I typed this out… Beach Street, you’ve been good to us.

My friends at Booking.com reached out to me and asked me to share what influences my interior style. I thought it would be the perfect way to highlight a handful of my favorite areas of our place and talk a little bit about where our inspiration comes from. (PS. they are also kindly offering $30 off your next trip in case you need some interior design inspiration or just want to use some time off!).

Without a doubt, my home style is inspired most by our travels. Specifically, a couple of summers back, Matt took me to Europe for my first time. I’ve always dreamt of going to Paris, it was by far one of the most enchantingly beautiful places I’ve ever been. I already felt passionate about  European architecture and effortlessly regal design style, but this trip took it to the next level. I love a neutral foundation. Whites and ivory with bold black statements. Clean lines, cozy textiles, warm lighting. Vintage antiques, brass wall sconces. I just swoon over Parisienne apartments more than any other interior. I adore the feel of a collected space, so many things to look at. So many stories told just by browsing a corner of a room. That’s the vibe I like to create in our space.

I’m also always inspired by great accommodations that go all out with the details and hospitality. We stayed at a beautiful home one time in Santa Barbara that I’ll never forget. Greeted with champagne, dimmed lighting, lush curtains, light fixtures strung throughout, coffee table books stacked in the lobby, the smell of hot coffee and fresh baked cookies. I’m always taking notes on our trips and bringing a little piece of places back with me in some way.

Last but not least, Matt and I started a tradition of collecting home goods from our trips. We will usually try and track down a beautiful ceramic piece, coffee table book, coasters, hotel pens, etc. Anything that we come across that speaks to our style that we can bring home to remind us of that experience.


To me, that’s where travel and interior design align the most – they are experiences that impact our lives. They inspire us, comfort us, and bring us joy.

Champagne book (we bought this in Healdsburg when we stayed at Hotel Les Mars), Remodelista book, Interior Portraits book, Cire Trudon candle, the vase is an old whiskey bottle, St. Frank mud cloth tray, Williams-Sonoma crystal glasses (on sale), Amazon brass candle holder, Safavieh acrylic console, brass tray stand (old), Leon & George monstera plant with ceramic planter

Dining room products linked here.

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A big thank you to Booking.com to collaborating on this post.