When I’m prepping to go on vacation, I have this mentality of needing new everything. Anyone else? Keep in mind, I haven’t had one in awhile… like a real one. As a San Franciscan, my swimwear collection is pitiful and even dresses and skirts take up very little space in my closet. I know you don’t need much to sit by the ocean, so I’ve been wise about what I’m planning to bring and thought I would share with you a few fun little things that are new and coming with.

    I am a longtime fan of Jo Malone as you know and am in love with their new Star Magnolia fragrance and hair mist. It smells like heaven: magnolia leaf and orange blossom with just a subtle kiss of lemon and ginger. It’s very flirty and summery, perfect for our date nights coming up. (side note: I have never seen a more beautiful bottle…)

    Another recent favorite is my ThirdLove Tshirt bra. I realized recently that I hadn’t updated my bras in a few years… they were in bad shape. I had heard lovely things about the brand, so decided to give them a try and I’m loving them! It’s one of those sites where you take a survey to narrow down which pieces would be best for your shape/goals (sucker for personalized products), and I ended up with exactly what I needed– little lining, soft, comfortable, and they’re such cute bras. I’m a fan and it will also be coming with us on our trip!

    I also ordered this hat and this silk scarf from Cuyana. I literally cannot have enough Cuyana– since the end of last year, I’ve accumulated six pieces (i.e. makeup bag in the photo… I’m still obsessed– I got the shimmer silver).

    I got this bag for the beach (it’s called the Harper…I had to) and this one. Bembien is the cutest.

    I ended up getting this top in black (from the company I mentioned in this post). So simple and easy! See. This is why I love new things on trips… it makes packing and getting ready in the morning while you’re there such a breeze.

    Lastly, I didn’t have a beach coverup so went with this one from Pondichérie – they have the most beautiful caftans I’ve ever seen!

    The only thing that’s missing is a tan, but I will get there. 🙂


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    10 months ago