October Mood ’19

5 months ago



October is such a heartwarming month. An inspiring shift in season colors, vibes, and lifestyle… and I’m ready for it.

The timing of this post is great, as I’ve been meaning to do a little catch up here. This summer was such a good one, the best in the books by far. Our wedding and then Italian honeymoon–– it has been a total blast and a time in our lives that I won’t ever forget. We’ve obviously had a lot going on leading up to June and throughout the last few months, and I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit and putting more of my time and energy into my work. I feel so inspired lately and have been ideating/brainstorming/draftings some new things that will be coming to BoC in the next week or so and I can’t wait to share with you.

October is lowkey for us with a few fun plans peppered in. We are heading to wine country this weekend and I can’t wait. This time of year up there is especially beautiful and always gives me a true sense of fall with all the copper-toned trees and fresh, crisp air… ahh, the countdown is on.

On my calendar

Lots of wine bar lady dates coming up, which inspired me to start on a post rounding up my favorite go-to spots in the city. Coming later this week! Heading to Sonoma this weekend and then Windsor/Healdsburg at the end of the month (to avoid Halloween weekend… we aren’t Halloween people slash will find any excuse to make a trip haha). A few work events and projects that you’ll also be able to hear more about soon. Fall shopping! I started curating a bunch of things I have my eye on here. Other than that, I am ready to relax and enjoy the good vibes of the start to fall.

Inspired by

Lighting candles and playing records in the evenings, particularly Van Morrison and Frank Sinatra. Paring down our home and my closet to the essentials––more to come on this soon, a big topic of the moment in my mind. Knee-high boots… on the hunt for the perfect pair and actually have been for a couple of seasons in a row now… so wish me luck! Cashmere lounge sets. Indulging in a gripping book–– please send recs! I am so distractable so it needs to be really good! My sister suggested “The Heart’s Invisible Furies”, so it’s on its way to me in the mail now. And the feeling of a fresh start as the weather starts to shift. Isn’t it the best? x

Images collected from Tumblr (sources unknown but saved here)